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Web topic 33 publish websites


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Web topic 33 publish websites

  1. 1. Web AuthoringTopic 33 – Publishing Websites
  2. 2. ObjectivesStudents should able to:1. Save web content materials in the appropriate format2. Carry out setup of FTP site correctly3. Upload and publish website contents accurately
  3. 3. Publishing Websites3 Steps in Publishing Your Website: 1. Create a website, 2. Get a hosting plan (including a domain name) for it and ultimately 3. Publishing it using a recommended FTP client
  4. 4. Creating your website1. Create a website : First you have to create a website. Depending on your level on knowledge in web development you have the following options. Either you can create the site yourself through manual programming in an editor program like DreamWeaver, MS Word or Notepad.
  5. 5. Creating your website1. Create a website : Other alternatives such as using Wordpress, InMotion, or Joomla CMS software.
  6. 6. Get a hosting plan2. Get a hosting plan : Next, is to find somewhere online to put your website files and assign an address to it. Depending on what size your website has and potential traffic volume it is going to generate, you get a hosting plan based on three factors - storage space, bandwidth and CPU.
  7. 7. Get a hosting plan2. Get a hosting plan : Sample of providers with plans that are stable, cheap and include all the features you need to manage a website. They are: Just Host iPage FatCow
  8. 8. Upload files/Publish website3. Publishing it : Upload your files to the root directory of your purchased web hosting server space. Our recommendation is to get your hands on a FTP client. Get a hosting plan that matches your needs and publish your files through a FTP client.