Web topic 19 web forms in html


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Web topic 19 web forms in html

  1. 1. Web Authoring Topic 19 –Web Forms in HTML
  2. 2. ObjectivesStudents should able to:1. Describe the basics of web forms
  3. 3. Web FormsForms are becoming an increasingly popularand necessary tool on web pages.Having an online form is a great way togather data from website visitors.You will be able to get information fromthem, such as their name and emailaddress. You want to keep in touch withthem.
  4. 4. Web FormsUsing an online email form is veryefficient because you can drastically cutback on the amount of paper.By not having paperwork, you can also savetime and costs.An online email form should be easy andsimple to use.
  5. 5. Web FormsYou can use a form generator to create anonline email form, you can customize itso that you will only receive certain kindsof emails.You need a data management system set upand have the capability of not onlysorting, but deleting information, filteringinformation and editing information ifnecessary.
  6. 6. Basics of FormsA web form is a web page that containsfields, areas which a visitor can enterinformation or select from a set ofpredefined options.When a visitor accesses the form, thebrowser displays the web page asusual, including the form’s fields.
  7. 7. Basics of FormsThe visitor can interact with the fields –for example, by typing text into a textfield, by selecting a check box or oneoption button in a group of optionbuttons, or by choosing an item from adrop-down list.
  8. 8. Basics of FormsWhen finished with the form, the visitorclicks a command button that submitsthe form, usually by running a CommonGateway Interface (or CGI) script.
  9. 9. Web FormFor a form to work, you must:- Create a form that contains the appropriate fields for your purpose;- On the web server, set up a script that will handle the information the visitor enters in the form;- Include in the form the appropriate HTML instructions for the script that will process the form.