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Web topic 1 internet


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Web topic 1 internet

  1. 1. Nitec in Social Media & Web Development Web Authoring IT2031PA
  2. 2. Aim of the ModuleAt the of the module, you will be able to create and design a website.
  3. 3. Module Structure1. There will be a theory exams at the end of this module.2. There will be 1 practical test and 1 theory test for this module.3. Two assignments are graded and will contribute to your final Module Grade.4. There will be a project to be submitted.
  4. 4. Ground Rules1. Do be punctual for class.2. Do NOT litter or leave your rubbish behind.3. Do submit your assignments on time.
  5. 5. Nitec in Social Media & Web Development Web Authoring IT2031PA Topic 1 – Characteristics of the Internet
  6. 6. ObjectivesStudents should able to:1. Explain the characteristics of internet2. List internet terminology3. Explain n-tier architecture4. Describe the process of installing, configuring and use web browser
  7. 7. History of Internet A0&feature=related
  8. 8. What is the Internet?The internet is a global system ofinterconnected computer networks.The internet uses a set of protocol calledthe TCP/IP.
  9. 9. What is the Internet?
  10. 10. World Wide WebCommonly known as the www or theweb.It is a service provided by the internet.Its outstanding feature is Hypertext link.An example of hypertext is
  11. 11. World Wide Web
  12. 12. Connecting to the InternetSubscribe to an Internet ServiceProvider (ISP)Examples of local ISP are - Starhub - M1 - SingNet - SuperInternet
  13. 13. Internet AddressingEvery computer has an IP (InternetProtocol) Address.It is used to locate another computer inthe Internet.An example of an IP version 4 addressis
  14. 14. Internet Addressing (Activity)Open up your internet browser.At the URL box, key in192.150.8.53Now key in
  15. 15. Domain Name System (DNS)The IP Address is difficultto remember.Domain Name System translate the IPaddress to meaningful names
  16. 16. Domain Name System (DNS)Internet address based on DNS has 2parts, host name and domain name. Domain name Domain type
  17. 17. Common TermsWeb page – A document on the webWeb site – A collection of web pagesUniform Resource Locator (URL) – Theaddress of a web page
  18. 18. Common TermsWeb server – A computer program thatis responsible for getting the web pagesa user requestedExamples of web servers are : - Apache - Sun Microsystems - Internet Information Systems
  19. 19. Common TermsWeb client – Basically, its your webbrowser. Its a computer program with 3main functions :- sending requests to server,- receiving response from server and- displaying received documents
  20. 20. Common TermsHTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol isthe set of rules for exchanging files onthe WWWFTP – File Transfer Protocol is the set ofrules to exchange files betweencomputers in the internet.
  21. 21. Structure of the InternetThere are 3 main components in theInternet Structure : web server, web client, data base
  22. 22. Server-Client Model Web/Application ServerWeb Client Request Response Database
  23. 23. 3-Tier ArchitecturePresentation - Client - It is the computer with web browser from which you view your web pages.
  24. 24. 3-Tier ArchitectureBusiness Logic - Server - It receives and process requests from client for a particular URL. Can be Web (IIS) or Application (Web logic)
  25. 25. 3-Tier ArchitectureData Access - Database - Stores information Eg Access, SQL Server 2000 etc
  26. 26. Internet Explained
  27. 27. Benefits of the Internet1. A global resource library.2. Enable ease of communication3. A business Tool
  28. 28. Web BrowsersSome of the most popular web browsers : - Internet Explorer - Firefox - Chrome
  29. 29. Search EnginesSome effective techniques while doingonline search.Use boolean operators AND + OR | NOT - Australia -flood
  30. 30. Search EnginesUse “ ” to define a phrase to be treatedas one whole keyword in the searchengine "tan woon bee"
  31. 31. Quiz1. Given the URL below, identify which part is the host name, domain name, domain type and country code. Host Domain Domain Country name name type Code