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K2016: Ultramid® C37 LC Copolyamide

BASF's new Ultramid® C37 LC Copolyamide transforms film amd monofilament applications. The new films are softer, more transparent, and have increased strength for monofilament applications.

Presentation held at K2016 Preview on June 28th, 2016. Presented by Frank Reil.

Visit BASF at the K Fair 2016 from October 19th to 26th, Hall 5, C21/D21 in Düsseldorf, Germany. More information at

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K2016: Ultramid® C37 LC Copolyamide

  1. 1. Ultramid® C37 LC Soft and transparent Frank Reil Head of Marketing & New Business Development Polyamides BASF SE
  2. 2. Ultramid® C37LC for films and monofilaments 2 soft transparent efficient
  3. 3. 3 189 182 -7° C Melting Point o C Ultramid® C37LC: lowest melting point, crystallization temperature and Modulus of all PA6/66 PA6/66 Benchmark Ultramid® C37LC 440 290 Ultramid® C40L Ultramid® C37LC -35% E-Modulus MPa PA6/66 Benchmark Ultramid® C37LC 124 116 Ultramid® C40L Ultramid® C37LC -8° C Crystallization Temperature o C PA6/66 Benchmark Ultramid® C37LC
  4. 4. Ultramid® C37LC reduces curl for typical asymmetric blown film structures with PE/PP 4 Savings through elimination of water bath or blending amorphous PA Ultramid® C37LCPA6/66 Benchmark  No post processing problems during slitting, winding, printing and filling operations  No trouble with water re- moval if water bath is used  No need for amorphous PA as blend partner
  5. 5. The new Ultramid® C37LC is easier to stretch Savings through elimination of amorphous PA for high shrink bags 5 Tensile test tapes Strength MPa 29 47 Ultramid® C40L Ultramid® C37LC Hot water shrink % PA6/66 Benchmark Ultramid® C37LC Elongation % 0 50 70 100 120 Tapes size 0,1 x 50 mm PA6/66 Benchmark Ultramid® C37LC at max. machine force
  6. 6. Ultramid® C37LC is softer and more transparent… … therefore no need for blending with Capro or amorphous PA 6
  7. 7. Ultramid® C37LC is an excellent candidate for … 7  Asymmetric blown films for pouches, lid films, thermoforming  Shrink bags  Monofilaments … flexible packaging