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K2016: Smart Pallets with Elastocoat® C Protection


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BASF and Ahrma partnered to create the most innovative pallet available. A combination of Ahrma's "Internet of Things" (IoT) technology and BASF's Elastocoat® C spray system deliver a smart pallet with a longer life time and premium coating.

Presentation held at K2016 Preview on June 28th, 2016.

Visit BASF at the K Fair 2016 from October 19th to 26th, Hall 5, C21/D21 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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K2016: Smart Pallets with Elastocoat® C Protection

  1. 1. Gorm Carsting Teamleader Sales, Western Europe, Performance Materials, BASF A/S Erik de Bokx CEO Ahrma Holding B.V. The pallet loaded with innovation – BASF and Ahrma
  2. 2. Track and traceable pallets by Ahrma 2  Track and traceable pallets including transponder and software to detect location, movement, shock, temperature, and weight of the pallets  Cost savings and optimum supply chain control for customers due to capabilities of the transponder  Business model: Pooling = pallets will be rented out to customers Innovation for the supply chain For protection of the surface and to increase the lifetime of the pallets, Ahrma uses high quality PU spray coating Elastocoat® C from BASF Intelligent pallets with „Internet of Things“ (IoT) technology. Photo: Ahrma
  3. 3. Elastocoat® C – high-tech PU-Spray Coating 3  Efficiently seals and protects the outer surface of the pallets  Increases the service-life of the pallet  Spray technology creates a non-slipping surface structure  Resistant to abrasion, hydrolysis, chemicals and impact at low temperature  Washable surface  Fast curing and easy to process, possible to use in automated spray line Product properties PU spray coating and automated spraying unit. Photos: BASF, Ahrma
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