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Social Media @ BASF


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BASF Social Media activities, status, strategy, outlook. Last updated March 17, 2017

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Social Media @ BASF

  1. 1. Social Media @ BASF Patrick Schmidt-Kühnle Manager Corporate Social Media, BASF SE 117.03.2017
  2. 2. BASF – We create chemistry 2  Our chemistry is used in almost all industries  We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection  Sales 2016: €57,550 million  EBIT 2016: €6,275 million  Employees (as of December 31, 2016): 113,830  6 Verbund sites and 352 other production sites Social Media @ BASF17.03.2017
  3. 3. Our purpose, strategic principles and values We create chemistry for a sustainable future 3 WhatWhy We add value as one company We innovate to make our customers more successful We drive sustainable solutions We form the best team  Creative  Open  Responsible  Entrepreneurial How Social Media @ BASF17.03.2017
  4. 4. 4 Overarching Goals of BASF Within External Social Media We innovate to make our customers more successful  Prospect generation  Customer support and engagement  Market research  Gain interest in solutions of BASF We form the best team  Grow attractiveness to digital generations  Expand networks, know-how transfer, problem solving  Find new employees We add value as one company  Strengthen brand and reputation  Foster integrated communications approach and cross-unit cooperation  Demonstrate strength of Verbund and show holistic picture of BASF We drive sustainable solutions  Build trust through openness  Engage in dialogue, influence and impact on public opinion  Drive solutions to the public 17.03.2017 Social Media @ BASF
  5. 5. Social Media Governance 5 Corporate Communications Strategy Guidelines Corporate Channels Global Governance Experts Community Consulting Best Practice Exchange Preparing Guidelines etc. Communications in Businesses, Regions Specific Strategies Individual Channels Input for content Social Media @ BASF17.03.2017
  6. 6. Integrated Online Publishing Concept Information: Multimedia: YouTube, Slideshare, Instagram, Flickr 717.03.2017 Regionals: News: Twitter Dialogue: Facebook Business: LinkedIn Social Media @ BASF
  7. 7. 7 Target Group Specific Pages: Corporate Design on Facebook and Twitter Twitter: 52 Accounts, > 261,000 followers* * As of February 2017 Facebook: 85 (Sub-) pages, > 1,855,000 likes* Corporate Careers Industries Brands Corporate Careers Industries, Investor Relations Brands Regions 17.03.2017 Social Media @ BASF
  8. 8.  Crop Protection: Own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts  Construction Chemicals: LinkedIn showcase page, LinkedIn group, Facebook page (MasterBuilders Solutions), Twitter, playlists on BASF YouTube channel  Performance Materials: Using BASF‘s Twitter, Linked, Facebook and Slideshare channel, especially during fairs and conferences  Automotive: dedicated LinkedIn showcase page, playlists on YouTube, using all main BASF channels 8Social Media @ BASF17.03.2017 BASF social media communication Example of engaged Business Units
  9. 9. The Global BASF Social Media Team 9 Global network of >100 professional users of social media Social Media @ BASF17.03.2017
  10. 10. Science Symposium Ludwigshafen shows how it all comes together 17.03.2017 Social Media @ BASF 10 SlideShare: Chu’s presentation Flickr: Foto album YouTube: Daily summaries Creator Space: Blog entries for each day (Multimedia) content hubs Facebook: Event page Creator Space: Event page Basis (Live) Publishing Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+: Posts, Tweets, Status updates
  11. 11. Summary and Outlook  Social Media is an integrated part of communications and marketing.  There is no ‚One fits all‘ solution. The set of Social Media depends on the specific business.  Social Media helps to create chemistry between a company and its stakeholders. 11Social Media @ BASF17.03.2017
  12. 12. 1217.03.2017 Social Media @ BASF