Agricultural Dialog - Precaution or "better not at all"? - September 2012


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In EU politics, an influential regulatory innovation, the precautionary principle, was developed to protect human health and the environment …

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Agricultural Dialog - Precaution or "better not at all"? - September 2012

  1. 1. AGRICULTURAL DIALOGUE 17 INFORMATION FROM THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY | SEPTEMBER 2012 Precaution or “better not at all”? regulatory innovation, the precautionary principle, was developed to protect human health and the environment, in situations where policy is required, binding guidance on how to use it, could this be the equivalent to driving a car without understanding the rules of the road or a surgeon using a new and in EU policy, there is also a strong argument that it should be used wisely, EDITORIAL Dear Readers, language, may not immediately appear to be progress, the uncertainty which this can generate, and the way this is managed by with an intrinsic capacity to cause harm, even when under realistic conditions of For plant protection products these criteria we consider the guiding principles of EU Markus Heldt
  2. 2. Did you know? The precautionary principle has Scientists are culturally opposed always been a source of fear, from protection, while also denying them the ability to grow the new standard in international agriculture - biotech The cost of bringing a new crop AGRICULTURAL DIALOGUE 17 2 provided guidance on use of the precautionary principle, indicating Hazard based regulation thinking under the microscope protection regulation, may be regarded as the ultimate form of fails to account for the impact of losing tried and tested technologies, Impact on industry, agriculture and the consumer precautionary principle has become a serious concern for industry, precautionary principle is now viewed by some as having evolved into stores and spread pathogens such as salmonella, campylobacters and leptospires, Ultimately, rodenticides received a rare reprieve and were provided with derogation, but the story illustrates how a narrow and precautionary focus on Fire brigades (Rome) Circumnavigation of the world (Ferdinand Magellan) Ray screening/radiotherapy (UK) Flu vaccines (USA) Fluoride in domestic water (USA) 24 BC 1522 1908 1940s 1951 HAZARDOUS INNOVATIONS OF SOCIETAL BENEFIT
  3. 3. INFORMATION FROM THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY | SEPTEMBER 2012 3 About Dr. Henry Rothstein Policy Studies, from the Science itself as a centre of excellence management, governance and research is interdisciplinary and Further reading on the Precautionary Principle European Commission communication on the Precautionary Principle: health_consumer/library/pub/ pub07_en.pdf Multilingual/Default.asp?docum entid=78&articleid=1163 institutions-bodies/court- justice/index_en.htm faculty-list/vogel-david report.pdf may play a role in shaping divergent attitudes What variations are there in risk governance amongst EU member states? and constitutional factors, such as an expectation that the state will by legalistic policy cultures that have to reconcile constitutionally
  4. 4. IMPRINT BASF SE Agricultural Center Limburgerhof AP/K - LI555 67117 Limburgerhof Germany Rainer von Mielecki AP/K – Public/Government Affairs Phone: +49 (0) 621 / 60-27 511 Fax: +49 (0) 621 / 60-27 512 Editor: Tassilo Galitz AGRICULTURAL DIALOGUE 17 INFORMATION FROM THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY | SEPTEMBER 2012 4 when the anti-nuclear movement challenged the authorities over the safety of nuclear power, the courts found it impossible to agree a German tradition seems to emphasise negotiated, blame-sharing How has the approach to precaution evolved in the EU compared with the US? that over the last twenty years the EU has become more precautionary the precautionary principle than with the way that social, political enable a consistent understanding and application in the EU? well as the varied institutional logics of governance practice across the What is your overall opinion on risk policy in the EU? research that has sought to explain the often observed variety and Kristina Nordlander is a partner in Sidley practices EU law with a focus on competition She has particular experience in the chemical,pharmaceutical of opinion regarding its invocation and Kristina provides an insight into the legal The precautionary principle is mentioned in the Rio declaration, but where is it The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union mentions it explicitly as a basis for EU environmental policy and regulation, and the of the precautionary approach, which is Is it correct to conclude that it is being principle is increasingly relevant to EU litigation due to more secondary legislation subject to public scrutiny and comment, and