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  2. 2. KATARINA LOGOSCOUNTISS 1. 4.2. 5.3. 1. Sutherland Creative 3. Imperial Motors 5. Mouse’s Book Cafe Class project Commission for a friend Class project “This logo was inspired by Avatar. The “I wanted to give this client a “Hipsters. We got to pick the audience client wanted something informal unique logo. Even though it’s for for this assignment, and I decided it with script. My biggest challenge was an automotive business, I wanted would be so fun to draw a mouse with trying to make something tribal look to convey, rather than speed, a glasses.” professional.” sense of luxury and emporium.” Clearmist Chicago Blues Festival2. Commission for a friend 4. Class project “Clearmist’s marketing strategy is to “I like the nostalgia of blues. Playing play up their environment-friendly that aspect up with a hand-painted message. This is a automotive anti-fog component seemed very natural.” spray.”
  3. 3. KATARINA WEBSITE HEADERSCOUNTISS 1. 2. 3. 4. PandaProse Threadblair1. Pandaprose.wordpress.com 3. Threadblair.wordpress.com Personal project Commission for a friend “I enjoy using collage for headers to “I collaged photographs of this show the variety of the contents of blogger’s travels with his favorite the website. In this case, it was a blog colors and motifs from topics he dedicated to creative writing about writes.” pandas, so it had to be.” Sammy Witness Science for Artists2. Sammywitness.com 4. Personal project Commission for a friend “My goal with this blog was to show “Using some imagery from her songs, how beautiful science is. Using this banner connotes the singer’s different fractals and other natural playful side.” geometric s shapes, I created this crisp and slightly off balance banner.
  4. 4. KATARINA ILLUSTRAT IONCOUNTISS 3.1.2. 4. Christmas Card Yoks with Cake1. Pen and ink 3. Adobe Illustrator, pen tool 4. Time like a Goldfish Pen and ink Self-Promotion Personal work Class project “The night before Christmas made “This webcomic of mine as a “The assignment was to do spot with pen nib and ink. Something ‘supercute’ aesthetic. Each illustrations for an article in the quirky since Christmas is so done” illustration is part eye-candy, part NewYorker. David Eagleman wrote a puzzle. Who put that cake on his piece about the perception of time and House butt? Will that person be mad used the goldfish analogy to describe2. Acrylic paint because it’s delivery guy took a how moments trigger different time Personal work taste?.” signatures.” “The geometric nature of the house spoke for itself . I just added the paint. I wanted to convey the sentimentality that comes with house portraits, the effect that differentiates them from real estate ads.”
  5. 5. KATARINA WORDPRESS COUNTISS1. 3.2. 4. Ment Cat Science for Artists Mr.Yoks 1. Katikati.wordperss.com 3. Scienceforartists.wordpress.com 4. Mryoks.com Personal blog Personal work Personal work “I know that black shows better on “I’m inspired by the overlap “I made this character based off of a white text than the other way around, between science and art, an stuffed animal. The simplicity of the but I wanted to convey the idea of intersection where visual thinking webcomic, in my mind at least, relates Basement Cat. The idea of the mind is praised. It’s imperative for each to the hope and promise that a blank being a dark place and then products article to have an illustration.” piece of paper is given to a child. And of the imagination giving it color and the minimalist lines of the character, lightness.” Yoks’ body. I wanted it to be accessible. PandaProse 2. Pandaprose.wordpress.com Personal work “This was an online campaign to encourage some fun randomness. I wanted to keep the look simple and to the point– pandas.”
  6. 6. KATARINA PRINT DESIGN COUNTISS1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Chicago Blues Festival Peter Behrens Frederica Von Stade 1. 11x17’’ poster 3. 17x11’’ poster with 3-d paper 4. 17x11’’ poster Class project elements Class project Class project “Hot pink was an accident. I was “The assignment called for an making a colored sketch at a friend’s “The parameters of the imaginary event: opera at a dive bar. house and they didn’t have a lot of assignment was inspiring. It The pencil effect hints at artsy dim light color choices, but then I liked it. The could have depth, the that the Twilight Exit emanates..” color has a lot of ‘nightlife’ energy.” teacher said. Considering the subject of my poster was an Laura Marling architect, I experimented 5. Set of Book Covers 2. CD case cover with folding paper until I had 6x9’’ book covers Class project Class project some sections I liked.” “Inspired by birds.” “Her morose themes for this album influenced me to twist the sweetness of the flower during the photoshoot.”
  7. 7. KATARINA CONTACT COUNTISS 1. 2.3. 4. Email address Phone Number Website 1. katarinacountiss@gmail.com 3. 360-509-4935 5. Countissarts.com “I check my email five or more times “That’s a Bremerton “I’m probably going to update a day. The internet is a character in Area Code, in case you this in the next year or two. My the movie of my life. I’d cast him as were wondering.” work is developing to reflect my Johnny Depp if I could.” graphic design ambitions. Twitter Home Address 2. @MentCat 4. 1208 E Shelby St. #A Seattle, WA 98102 “I’m still not sure if Twitter is worth the effort, but in this day and age, it’s “I like my neighborhood. I am near the worth trying everything.” water. It is very soothing. I think it affects my design for the better.”