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Published in: Design
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  1. 1. Good Morning
  2. 2. Winter Special Topics Project Kat Countiss
  3. 3. AfterEffects
  4. 4. AfterEffects• Familiar with res, codecs, tifs, exporting, importing, process
  5. 5. Research
  6. 6. Deliverables• Music Video on YouTube that Matt will like and think is appropriate for his band.
  7. 7. Process BrainstormConcept storyboard
  8. 8. Video Shoot• Small budget• Friends as “actors”• Friends as videographers• Locations= Living Room• Lecture Hall= Movie Theater
  9. 9. Editing• Vague storyboards• Experimental layering• Using color correction• Exporting for AfterEffects• Using Photoshop to create images for animation• Exporting as a tif sequence.• roughdrafts