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Katarina countiss portfolio2014-2

  1. 1. Katarina Countiss katarinacountiss@gmail.com katcountiss.com
  2. 2. Katarina Countiss Seattle Central Creative Academy Associate of Applied Science, 2013 Major: Graphic Design University of Washington Bachelor of Arts, 2009 Major: Communication Work Experience ada’s technical books, seattle 206. 322. 1058 Part-Time Graphic Designer, November 2013 - Present menu production, store signs, social media tricky bird games, seattle 206. 817. 1571 Graphic Designer, June 2013 - Present game design, user testing, website development pivot + levy, seattle 206. 285. 6191 Graphic Design Intern, June 2012 - September 2012 certificate design, photo retouching, stationery suite
  3. 3. Classes Poster Trio initial brainstorming and thumbnailing
  4. 4. Classes Poster Trio chosen thumbnails
  5. 5. Classes Poster Trio This school assignment, to choose three classes offered at Seattle Central Community College. I chose the introductory courses of Philosophy, Psychology and Political Science. The concept behind the campaign: Thought and how each discipline views the human nature.
  6. 6. Classes Poster Trio The fourth poster. At the critique, many expressed a lack of understanding with the philosophy poster. The symbolism of the empty jar was vague. I had to come up with a new idea. Word choice was crucial. I was reading a book of poems at the time, when the word “antidote” jumped out at me.
  7. 7. MAC Window Display inspiration and sketches.
  8. 8. MAC Window Display Photoshop Comp
  9. 9. Square One Bistro Ad Trio chosen concept thumbnail
  10. 10. Square One Bistro Ad Trio copywriting with thumbnails
  11. 11. Square One Bistro Ad Trio first iteration
  12. 12. Square One Bistro Ad Trio second iteration
  13. 13. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) storyboard detail
  14. 14. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  15. 15. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  16. 16. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  17. 17. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  18. 18. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  19. 19. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  20. 20. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  21. 21. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  22. 22. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  23. 23. IT Department Video Ad (1:55) still
  24. 24. Poster for Tomorrow Thumbnailing and brainstorming Message: We all deserve a home.
  25. 25. Poster for Tomorrow chosen thumbnail
  26. 26. Poster for Tomorrow rendering
  27. 27. Poster for Tomorrow I wanted to appeal to the imagination of the viewer and communicate with metaphor. I wanted them to get a sense of what homelessness is like. The desire of a home and the danger and expsosure of the homeless are the primary themes of the poster.
  28. 28. Katarina Countiss katarinacountiss@gmail.com katcountiss.com