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Basement Waterproofing for Homeowners

  1. Basement Waterproofing Solutions Provided by Olshan Foundation Solutions
  2. Nolan Ryan Olshan is home to:  Innovative Products and Services  Safe and Efficient Installation  Excellent Customer Service  Available Warranty Programs  Convenient Financing Plans  Exceptional Value o Spokesman and customer o Owner of Texas Rangers o Hall of Fame Pitcher o Reputation for character and integrity Nolan Ryan Never Fear… Olshan is Here!
  3. What Makes a Healthy Home? We thoroughly investigate your problems and work with you to find the RIGHT solution for you Healthy Home Approach Water Management Structural Repairs Air Quality Improvements Custom Designed Repair Plan
  4. 96% of all contractors FAIL within first 2 years! *Annual Summary, the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) price quotation. Why do Basement Repairs Fail? Home Improvement/Remodeling Contractors #1 on hit list! 10.7 MILLION COMPLAINTS! 80% of consumers taking lowest bid had MAJOR PROBLEMS in getting job completed.
  5. How Water Enters Your Home LeaksStanding Water Mold Left untreated, basement problems get worse and can impact other areas of your home.
  6. Basement Solutions
  7. Which Method is Best for you? Water Management Both methods of Water Management are effective Interior Water Management Exterior Water Management  Short installation time  Easy to service  Often includes sump pump  Wall Shield available  Can be configured with drainage options  Work is performed outside  Designed to stop water before it enters the basement  Includes exterior excavation  Easy to service
  8. Exterior Water Management High moisture levels lead to mold Floating Slab Problems Floating Slab Water Intrusion LeaksStanding Water Mold Humidity Stained walls Puddles on floor Subsurface water Window sweat You can’t use a wet basement Water intrusion damages structural elements Wet basement?
  9. The Evolution of Waterproofing Interior Water Management Outdated methods are not as effective as today’s top-of- the-line solutions Pre-Construction Method Pipe and Rock Method Glue Down Method Segmented Pipe Method Water Lock Plus is the only triple- channel system complete with Geo-tech fabric for silt protection
  10. Interior Water Management More entry points to capture water Mostly “Closed System” Discharge Water Close the System Tested on-site Custom fit Water Lock Plus
  11. Water Lock Plus Interior Water Management Custom designed to fit your basement Helps prevent water intrusion Improves Air Quality Transform your basement How will you use your dry basement?
  12. Monolithic Slab Problems Interior Water Management Mono Slab Humidity Stained walls Subsurface water Water Intrusion Transform your basement High moisture levels lead to mold You can’t use a wet basement Water intrusion damages structural elements Wet basement?
  13. Monolithic Slab Interior Water Management Mono Slab • The structural integrity should be of the upmost importance to any contractor working at, near or around your foundation. • When your home is built with a Monolithic Basement the FLOOR is a structural element. • Breaking the floor of a monolithic basement could significantly impact the long term performance of the foundation… turning a water problem into a serious structural issue. Don’t break the floor of your Monolithic Basement Caution
  14. The Evolution of Monolithic Basement Solutions Interior Water Management Outdated methods often fail: Pre-Construction Method Pipe and Rock Method Glue Down Method Segmented Pipe Method  Reactive not proactive  Unsightly  Cannot handle large volumes of water  Sit by the footer and clogs easily Baseboard Water Channel
  15. Baseboard Water Channel Interior Water Management Custom designed to fit your basement Helps prevent water intrusion Discharge Water Close the System How will you use your dry basement? Improves Air Quality
  16. Wall Shield Interior Water Management  Transforms ugly basement walls  Durable, long-lasting moisture protection  Enhances Water Lock Plus™ & Baseboard Water Channel Completes a “Closed System” reducing harmful moisture Helps protect against allergens and improves Air Quality works with both slab types! Poured Wall Block Wall Wall Shield
  17. Interior Water Management 4-mil liner Wall Shield – Beautify and Protect Your Basement Directs water to drainage system Creates a bright, inviting basement space No more ugly walls!
  18. Interior Water Management Wall Shield How will you use your Healthy Basement? Helps reduce mold, mildew and allergens allowing you to reclaim lost basement space for everyday use
  19. Exterior Water Management 4-part system protects your basement from the outside Exterior Wall Waterproofing Leaves finished basements undisturbed! A tough, durable, less invasive approach to Waterproofing
  20.  Helps stop water intrusion at footer, cracks, drains and mortar joints  Helps stop wall sweating, bowing walls, wall condensation and improves Air Quality  Installed with ¾ washed gravel to alleviate Hydrostatic Pressure  Outside footer drain safely discharges water Exterior Water Management Stop water BEFORE it enters your home Exterior Wall Waterproofing
  21. What Makes Drainage Important? Drainage  Structural Movement  Upheaval of foundation  Saturated soils  Cracks in retaining walls  Damage to concrete  Loss of landscaping  Mosquitoes and Other Insects Surface water intrusion Sub-surface water intrusion Seemingly minor drainage issues often lead to major damage
  22. Drainage and Downspout Extensions Interior Water Management We customize the RIGHT drainage solution for your home Choose Drainage for a Healthy Home
  23. Double Barrel System – captures surface and sub-surface water Surface Area – large surface area allows the system to capture more water Low Profile Basin– Prevents water & debris from collecting, and stagnating in the system Drainage Deep Drain – The deep french drain collects sub-surface water and improves overall foundation performance.
  24. Keep your Lawn Looking Beautiful Interior Water Management Helps prevent water from pooling and protects your foundation from harmful moisture without destroying your lawn
  25. Sump Pumps Discharge Safely and forcibly remove water from your basement
  26. Battery Backup Options Discharge Fail-safe backup adds peace of mind
  27. Gravity Discharge Discharge Not all repair plans require a sump pump Use gravity to discharge water naturally Thing to consider  Requires shallow footing  Requirements Maintenance  Requires adequate slope  4” corrugated or solid pipe Benefits  Excellent flow rate  Energy efficient
  28. Causes of Structural Problems Season Weather Changes Poor Drainage Expansive Clay Soils 5 2 1 3 4 1 2 Tree roots Hydrostatic Pressure Weather changes Poor drainage Expansive soil Once structural issues occur they can lead to more serious problems
  29. Signs of Structural Problems Structural Structural issues weaken your home’s foundation and damage basement walls  Cracked or sloping floors  Poorly fitting molding and cabinets  Damage to insulation and interior walls  Cracks in walls and ceilings  Utility lines can break  Roof leaks  Sticking doors and windows  Devaluation of your home
  30. Weather Affected Zone Structural Foundation Weather Affected Zone More Stable Soils  Soil layers have differing composition  Some layers shrink/expand through dry/wet weather  Beneath “active” layers lie more stable soils  Foundation pilings driven past the weather affected zone will perform better
  31. The Evolution of Foundation Repair More Stable Soils Concrete Pier Steel PierConcrete Pad Helical Pier PressedPilings
  32. Concrete Pad Structural More Stable Soils Moves as soil moves Does not reach stable souls
  33. Concrete Piers Structural More Stable Soils Depth Long job times Loss of plant life
  34. Steel Pier Structural More Stable Soils Corrosion of pipe Supports structure indirectly Intrusive heavy equipment
  35. Simple Pressed Piling Structural Depth can’t be verified No reinforcement Alignment difficult Not inspect- able
  36. Cable Lock™ ST Plus No reinforcement Alignment difficult Not inspect- able Patent Pending # 12429914 C L S T Steel and Concrete in one – locked together with the cable Hybrid Transition Segment Steel segments break through tough soils for greater depth 8,000 PSI Concrete Cylinder 200,000 psi steel galvanized cable, locks the entire system together Capability of Washing Longevity and Bearing Capability of Concrete Strength and Penetrating Power of Steel Tied Together with the Cable to ensure Alignment, Inspect-ability of depth, and to Reinforce the concrete. The Experience of Olshan U.S Patent # 5,288,175 U.S Patent # 7,857,549 Additional Patents Pending Depth of Steel Strength and Longevity of Concrete Cable
  37. Make the Right Choice We know choosing the right repair plan is important to You! We diagnose the current problem with your home using industry standards as our guide. Then we work with you to develop a repair plan that makes sense. Sometimes that is a comprehensive repair and other times it is solving the immediate problem at hand. The Warranty Covers the Area Repaired 3 Different Options The exterior of the left side, and part of the back are under warranty. 1 2 3 The full perimeter is under warranty. Settlement on the interior would not be covered under warranty. The full perimeter and interior of the home is supported. If settlement occurs during the warranty period adjustments would be covered under warranty. Warranty Terms and Conditions Apply.
  38. Basement Wall Problems Structural Wall destabilization/bowing Poured Wall Outside soil pressures can cause basement walls to bow and buckle Interior water intrusion Masonry Block Wall Hydrostatic pressure Olshan offers multiple products and services to address various levels of basement wall damage
  39. Concrete Tie Backs Plate Tie Backs Screw Tie Backs Wall Anchors Common Wall Anchoring Methods  Galvanized  Angle is correct  Inspectable  No Digging
  40. Wall Lock™ Structural The most advanced Wall Anchoring system available What’s behind the wall matters  Limited soil disruption  Pull-tested at time of installation  Corrosion resistant  Proven in commercial applications such as utility poles, sea walls and pipelines Can be combined with Water Management to complete a more comprehensive repair
  41. Epoxy Injections Structural Wall Repair Primarily performed in basement interior Economical and effective Improves Air Quality and helps stop water leaks
  42. Carbon Fiber Strips Structural Wall Repair Non-obtrusive Structurally isolates wall movement Paintable Not as costly as Wall Braces No excavation required Bowing walls can be addressed using the latest Carbon Fiber technology
  43. Carbon Fiber Strips Structural Wall Repair Carbon fiber strips can be painted, leaving you basement look like new
  44. Adjustable Wall Brace Structural Wall Repair Galvanized steel beams brace walls against outside pressure Combats bowing walls and cracks Uses 3 floor joists to help eliminate twisting and side pressure May be used in situations that may not call for a wall anchor
  45. Root Barrier Structural Wall Repair When it’s hot out, it’s important to keep the soil around your foundation from becoming too dry Tree roots can leech healthy soil moisture away from your foundation Installing a Root Barrier helps protect your home from destructive root growth
  46. What’s in the Air Matters Air Quality Strange smells could indicate mold growth Did you know? Up to 40% of the air you breath inside your home comes directly from the basement Damp, musty basements can cause health problems • Mold • Humidity • High energy costs • Foul odors • Dust mites • Headaches • Sneezing • Runny nose • Asthma attacks Stack Effect
  47. Air Quality Solutions Air Quality Decreases air moisture levels Exterior water drainage not required Efficient Dehumidifier  Commercial-grade  Dries walls, building materials and basements  No need to empty buckets of water  Can save you money by reducing stress on your AC unit
  48. Air Quality Solutions Air Quality Economical Conditions basement air Expels odors and gas Clean basement air allows you to reclaim the space for recreation HumiGo™ Replaces polluted air in your home with fresh, healthy air
  49. Problem... ...Solved!!! Basement Solutions Never Fear…Olshan is Here!

Editor's Notes

  1. Most repair companies simply fix what’s broken. Leaky crack? Patch it. Not Olshan. At Olshan, we carefully investigate the problems affecting your home before developing a comprehensive repair plan unique to the structure. Our Certified Technicians aren’t trained to simply treat symptoms, we strive to find the source.
  2. Olshan offers a variety of sump pump and sump pump basin options.
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  5. Due to a phenomenon known as the “stack effect” up to 40% of the home you breath inside the living areas of your home come directly from the basement or crawl space.