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Mvvm knockout vs angular


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A presentation I gave at ALT.NET Melbourne on February 26 2013 :

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Mvvm knockout vs angular

  1. 1. MVVM for the Web Angular vs. Knockout VS. @basarat
  2. 2. Why MVVM?• Cleaner user interface • (used to be Cleaner code only)• Designer / Developer separation
  3. 3. What makes MVVM Work?• Two way DataBinding for properties • With some form of interception options• Command binding• Templates• Names change but concepts remain the same.
  4. 4. MVVM the Knockout Way
  5. 5. How MVVM works for XAML• INotifyPropertyChanged (INPC)• ICommand Interface and Command Property• DataTemplates / ItemTemplates
  6. 6. Enter Knockoutjs• By Steve Sanderson. • Works at microsoft.• Highly inspired and directed by what was already there in XAML world. • Perhaps to ease XAML people into HTML.
  7. 7. Knockout ViewModel similar to INPCko.obervableko.computedko.obervableArray
  8. 8. Knockout INPC View• XAML View (dependency properties):• Knockout View (bindings):
  9. 9. Knockout Commands• XAML• Knockout (click and other bindings)
  10. 10. Knockout DataTemplates• XAML• knockout
  11. 11. Knockout uses concept of Bindings
  12. 12. Angular js?
  13. 13. MVVM with AngularJS : Observables• Don’t need them. Means your objects do not need an INPC type of implementation.• “KO dependency tracking is a clever feature for a problem which angular does not have” – heard on StackOverflow
  14. 14. How does it know if anything changed?• Angular remembers the value and compares it to previous value.• This is basic dirty checking. If there is a change in value, then it fires the change event.• To know when angular should check the new value it we have scope.
  15. 15. Quick AngularJS tutorial•
  16. 16. Why Angular chose a different method?• Better syntax, especially for templates • Google plans to make it a web standard so browsers can do this natively.• Change listeners fire immediately on setter, which is a problem, since the change listener can further change data, which fires more change events.
  17. 17. Quick AngularJS tutorial 2• How browsers could support it natively
  18. 18. Angular js performance• Humans are • Slow – anything faster than 50ms is imperceptible • Limited - cant really show more than about 2000 pieces of information to a human• Can you do 2000 comparisons in 50 ms even on slow browsers? That means that you have 25us per comparison.
  19. 19. MVVM the Angular Way
  20. 20. Observables : ViewModel•• Standard javascript properties your scope• Really good with Typescript• Angular folks call their framework MV* i.e. • Model View Whatever• But like to name it Controller
  21. 21. Observables : The view• {{property}} syntax
  22. 22. Filters• Similar to XAML IValueConverter but One way binding for display
  23. 23. Commands• The VM• The View
  24. 24. Templates
  25. 25. Angular JS uses concept of directives
  26. 26. Which one should you use?Performance
  27. 27. jsPref
  28. 28. Which one should you use?Browser Support
  29. 29. Angular• • We run our extensive test suite against the following browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8, IE9 and mobile browsers (Android, Chrome Mobile, iOS Safari)• Yahoo’s Class A browser
  30. 30. Knockout• support.html • Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ (latest version tested = 3.6.8) • Google Chrome (tested on version 5 for Windows and Mac; should work on older versions too) • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 • Apple Safari (tested on Windows Safari version 5, Mac OS X Safari version 3.1.2, and iPhone Safari for iOS 4; should work on newer/older versions too) • Opera 10 for Windows• Knockout was also found to work on the following browsers (though we don’t recheck these for every release): • Opera Mini • Google Android OS browser (OS version 2.2)
  31. 31. Which one should you use?Popularity Contest
  32. 32. Knockout vs. Angular• Google Searches• StackOverflow tags ( as of feb 2013) • Knockout : 4,304 • Angular : 2,794
  33. 33. Decisive• Stared on Github (as of feb 2013) • : 7072 • : 3011
  34. 34. Which one should you use?Debugging
  35. 35. Batarang• Dedicated Debugging tool for angular.• None for knockout as of yet.
  36. 36. ConclusionThe world really needs both
  37. 37. Choice (my opinion)• Performance : Angular• Legacy Browser (specifically IE) : Knockout• MS bubble : Knockout• Popularity : Angular• Debugging : Angular• Awesomest Web App Ever : Angular
  38. 38. Links• Help Knockout •• Help Angular • •• Comparisons • angularjs • • TODO App in both:
  39. 39. Thank you••• @basarat