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canakkale monument

  1. 1. Çanakkale Monument Nur Başak Güven 20070193
  2. 2. What is Çanakkale Monument The Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial is one of the important Monuments in Çanakkale commemorating the service of about 253,000 Turkish soldiers who participated at the Battle of Galippoli from April 1915 to December 1915 during WWI. The location of the monument is inside of the Galippoli Peninsule Historical National Park on Hisarlık Hill in Morto Bay at the southern end of the Galippoli peninsula in Çanakkale. Çanakkale Monument is made to represent the respect to the soldiers who lost their lives in Çanakkale Wars and also represents Çanakkale Victory.
  3. 3. History Of Çanakkale Monument The monument is officially finished in 1960 due to lack of budget during it’s construction but still there are some ongoing restorations.The story of monument starts in 1944 to keep the memory of soldiers and Çanakkale Victoryeverlastign. Ministry of National Defence came up with a contest for the erection of monument. Doğan Erginbaş and İsmail Utkular’s project won the contest but lack of budget did not let the project to start immediately. It took 10 years to start construction of monument. In 1952 because the construction was still not started some enterprises felt themselves responsible on this topic and a campaign born with the help of İstanbul Governership. A committee prepared to finish up the project which was working dependent to ‘Imar Cemiyeti’
  4. 4. Committee Members Emin Nihat Sözeri Muhlis Erdener Hamdi Mocan Kurmay Yarbay Cemal Yıldırım Emin Nihat Sözeri Tevfik Demircigil Mustafa İnan Orhan Safa Mithat Özdeş
  5. 5. History Of Çanakkale Monument On 19th April of 1954 the ground stone was laid with an official ceremony. Because there were some deficits and error on the construction of the monument the project passed to other contractors and it partially stopped developing. As an reflection to this situation Abdi İpekçi the executive editor of Milliyet Newspaper started up an campaign asking donations from society to finish up the monument’s construction project. Society and instutitions were exquisite on this request and the needed budget was gain with the help of this campaign. With the help of society and government Çanakkale Monument completed in 21 August 1960.
  6. 6. Significance Of Çanakkale Monument In 14 November 1980 Çanakkale Monument has been marked as a Cultural Asset and got a trade mark by Ministry of Arts and Culture. Also there is an existing museum of ‘Savaş Eserleri’ under the monument. In this area weapons, photographs and may other things that were used while the Çanakkale Wars were happening. This section of the monument was opened in 21 August 1971 by Queen of England II. Elizabeth on her visit to Turkey. There is a huge set-up built on the ceremony side of the monument which represents Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the first place and his fellow soldiers. This set-up indicates Mustafa Kemal and his fellow soldiers’ act in Çanakkale Wars. At this area a huge Turkish Flag smilar to the one in Anıtkabir is located too.
  7. 7. Structure Of Çanakkale Monument The monument sees Morto Bay and it’s height is 41 metres and 70 cantimetres. he 41.70 m (137 ft) high monument is in the form of four square columns 7.5 m (25 ft) wide with 10 m (33 ft) space between each other, topped by a concrete slab of 25 by 25 m (82 by 82 ft). In today’s world there are on going constructions, restorations and outlying buildings around the monument.
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