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Edc brochure


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Edc brochure

  1. 1. edc Executive Development Consultants UK LLP Inspiring people to deliver on your strategic intent
  2. 2. edc ™ Home Individual executive coaching Board & team coaching Chairman CEO/MD Neds Coaching for promotion First 100 days Diagnostics Quality assurance & supervision Our clients Our coaches Contact us Boosting your organisation’s performance through the power of our coaching Outputs from our coaching “We have demonstrated conclusively that Confident Powerful Leadership Relationships coaching is the most powerful and rapid way Health & Contagious of lifting confidence, boosting Leadership Wellbeing Energy qualities and growing a winning culture that Having a positive Board & Team impact Cohesion underpins successful organisational change” Giving great Influencing feedback Executive Development Consultants UK LLP. 83 Baker Street London W1U 6AG 0207 034 7064/7664. Registered in England OC344186
  3. 3. edc ™ Our Individual Coaching programme will ‘raise your game’ Woking with an EDC executive coach will provide you with the focus and insight needed to address and adapt to the challenges in your current and future role. The experience will provide greater understanding of yourself, the impact . you have on those around you and will positively transform your leadership and performance Typical programme elements Agree brief and check Personality profiling and chemistry Agree programme goals and Developing your positive feedback. Typically 360 and Understand the individual and objectives impact on the organisation. Myers Briggs Organisations’ context Explore options, new Developing Leadership Experience giving and Putting into practice behaviours, new Evaluate and measure skills and techniques. receiving feedback and learning approaches
  4. 4. edc ™ Team coaching for effective and cohesive organisational leadership Organisations today expect their teams to be high performing - ‘White Water’ rather than ‘steady state’. It requires that relationships within the team work well, members have a clear focus and are committed to achievement of their goals. Teams need to ‘think and behave corporately’ both inside and outside of meetings. Typical programme elements Personality EDC’s Community Agree brief, Engagement profiling and Understanding survey to include Team meeting Building powerful objectives and session with all feedback. impact on others external Observation relationships goals participants Typically 360 and stakeholders Myers Briggs Leadership development with Look at options, Experience giving Practise and Evaluate and the provision of new behaviours, Team workshop and receiving Taking it forward learning measure tools and new approaches feedback techniques
  5. 5. edc ™ Chairmen, CEO,MD and Non-executive Directors edc has coached over 250 Chairmen, CEO’s, and Board Directors in both Public and Private sectors. Each of our coaches has top-level business management experience that further enhances and underpins the coaching. Our approach is to fully understand the context and goals of the organisation and deliver short , powerful interventions that simplify complex issues build powerful relationships and generate a feeling of clarity and combined purpose. Programmes Chair / CEO Role of the Non NED /Exec Mentoring Handling the Life / work workshops Exec workshops workshops programmes pressure balance
  6. 6. edc ™ Coaching for promotion This may mean:- •Stepping up to take the top job •Getting ready for your first Board appointment •Your first Leadership role •Striving for that ‘Dream job’ We offer a programme dedicated to you and your career goals that is completely confidential and bespoke to each and every client. We will prepare you for each stage right through to your initial period in the role. Typical programme elements Maximising positive Questioning Interview techniques Visual presence Video practice body language techniques
  7. 7. edc ™ 1st 100 days Research, has shown that the seeds of success or failure are sown in the first 3 or 4 months of a newly appointed executive’s role. Expectations are high and the executive’s attitudes and behaviour will be under assessment by “the community”. In their previous role, they would have had a map of what worked for them, but this is now ORGANISATION GOALS/OUTCOMES uncharted territory, with a need to construct a very • strategic direction • success criteria • competitive advantage • key results areas different map, and to do this accurately and quickly. • structure • short-term wins • culture • feedback The new map needs to address key relationships, • business drivers • 360° the beliefs and the values of the organisation, as Personal Strategy & well as its particular culture and political climate. ROLE Action Plan RELATIONSHIPS • responsibilities • boss • ‘deliverables’ • peer group • leadership style/image • assessment of own • competencies team • communication needs • external stakeholders • personal PR
  8. 8. edc™ Research is critical to inform the development At the heart of what we do is a set of diagnostics which builds self awareness, confidence and deeply informs the coaching programme or team development. Myers Briggs Type gives clients with a clear understanding of how they and teams operate and provides a language to assist better communication with others EDC’s Community Survey provides teams and individuals with a clear set of the perceptions held by internal and external SDQ MBTI stakeholders Our 360 analysis is a distinguished product and provides valid and reliable feedback from self and others — direct reports, peers, and What are the How I and others bosses — on the use of leadership and management behaviors. It required leadership operate. Effective gives clarity to any personal development plan. practises for your communication organisation Strategic Directions Questionnaire Through the completion of a questionnaire and a facilitated discussion session, the senior PDP management team of your organization uses LEA Strategic Directions™ to identify the most important behaviors for your organization’s future success, creating a strategic context for Feedback to How I and my team understand my are perceived buy leadership assessment and making a business strategy come alive personal impact our stakeholders for leaders and managers. LEA 360 Community Survey
  9. 9. edc™ Supervision a quality assurance pre-requisite As the Coaching industry has matured it has become a pre-requisite of Coaching Practitioners to be in Supervision. At edc we offer Supervision to practitioners and ensure all our Coaching team are ‘in Supervision’ Supervision ‘keeps the lens clear’ for the Coach by Independent coaches ensuring attention is paid to both the organisational In-House coaches: who adhere to the and individual context within which the coaching is requirements of their One-to–one happening. Supervision will help coaches to: accrediting body Group •Strengthen their coaching skills Quality assurance •Handle challenging situations •Be cognisant of the dynamics of this complex process, the coaching ethics and the All edc coaches receive Team coaches and Supervision consultants management of boundary issues
  10. 10. edc ™ Our Experience •Over 20 years successful experience of integrated personal and team development interventions in both Public and Private sectors at Board and Senior management levels •edc is currently a preferred supplier to BBC (5 years), Corus (5 years), Glaxo (3years), Asda (1 year), DWP (5Years), Scottish Power (2 Years). •Our team are experienced accredited practitioners who have a reputation for delivering results •8 Years on Board level coaching register of the NHS Leadership Centre and Institute for Innovation and Improvement •We have worked with over 60 NHS Trusts of all types and have coached in excess of 250 Chairs, CEOs, and Directors.
  11. 11. edc ™ Clients Our client organisations range across all industries both private and public. Some of our current clients: Sector Experience The following are examples of the sectors in which edc consultants have experience. Distribution and Healthcare Energy Estate Agency Finance FMCG/Drinks Manufacturing Shipping Professional Media Pharmaceutical Public Sector Retail Telecoms Travel Services
  12. 12. edc ™ Our Team of Coaches Our coaches are experienced in working with individuals, teams and at an organisational level in a coaching, mentoring or consultancy mode. Each assignment requires consideration and the correct ‘matching’ of coach to the Executive's need. It is vital that our coaches are the best possible fit to these needs if excellence is to be achieved. edc has pooled top UK and European experts to form the edc Coaching Team.
  13. 13. edc™ Contact us We are always happy to hear from you to discuss the challenges faced by your self or your organisation. A phone call is all that’s necessary for a ‘no obligation’ introductory or exploratory meeting anywhere in the UK Email Phone +44 (0)207 034 7664 Fax +44 (0)207 034 7100 Post 83 Baker Street, London W1U 6AG Executive Development Consultants UK LLP. 83 Baker Street London W1U 6AG 0207 034 7664