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Caminos del Mundo - Meteor and triggering the WebRTC function


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Presentation of my journey to the TADHack mini Paris 12 – 13 december 2015 .

Triggering a Videochat from within Meteor by Bart Uelen and friends.

A journey and traveling app for organizing in real time your journey’s impressions like photos, text and videos and have people who stayed at home engage in your journey by joining a videochat.

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Caminos del Mundo - Meteor and triggering the WebRTC function

  1. 1. Caminos del Mundo Meteor and triggering the WebRTC function Presentation of my journey to the TADHack mini Paris 12 – 13 december 2015 Bart Uelen
  2. 2. Preface • These slides describe the journey I made to the TADHack mini Paris 12 – 13 december 2015 • My journey started at home and ends at the NUMA on the stage presenting my app • Have fun!
  3. 3. At home: The “Droste effect” or rule 4 of Codd’s relational model
  4. 4. At home: Register for the TADHack
  5. 5. Things that started this journey Zillions of digital photo’s scattered all over the place – In 10 years time I collected a huge and monstrous pile of digital photos  Do I hear MongoDB? – All spread on digital cameras, laptops, external backup disks, smartphone(s) and in somewhere in the cloud  Time to get organized? The Colossal Cave Adventure – The classic Adventure game by Crowther and Woods from late ‘70 – About moving thru a maze by different connected locations – See – "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike" is a memorable line from the game  A usable structure Applying some new technology like Meteor Kitchen, Meteor and WebRTC  A personal challenge! At home: Why this journey ?
  6. 6. At home: Zillions of digital photos scattered all over the place
  7. 7. At home: The Colossal Case Adventrue – a classic from the late ’70
  8. 8. At home: A game with a real command line UI (looks like UNIX)
  9. 9. So, what’s the idea? • Track your journey’s impressions right-a-way – Create your journey – Add location and connect them – Upload your photos, text, videos, sounds and such • For your family and friends at home • Have them enjoy, engage and interact by: – Select a journey and move thru the locations – Interact with WebRTC based videochat At home: The idea for the app
  10. 10. At home: Choosing the right software stack
  11. 11. At home: Not being social for a while … .. .
  12. 12. At home: Layout of my journey
  13. 13. On the road
  14. 14. Coffeebar: I think I am in love …
  15. 15. In front of the NUMA
  16. 16. Hackers Hall
  17. 17. On stage
  18. 18. Meet other travellers • As a traveller you join a journey • You move from one location to another • When you enter a location other travellers can be present there too • In that case a WebRTC based video chat comes available • Using video chat you can “live” join the experience of the physical traveller in that real world location on this planet • Or you can interact with other “virtual” travellers Incorporating the WebRTC videochat
  19. 19. On stage: Screenshot of the app with the videochat on the right
  20. 20. “I can't tell where the journey will end” Wake Me Up – Avicii Merci! That’s all folks!
  21. 21. For any questions about this app you can contact me at: or call 0031 (0) 6 53 644 701 Bart Uelen