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SqlSaturday Denmark 2017 - Automate your SSIS deployment process


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Presentation about automating repeatable steps during SSIS projects deployment using PowerShell and msbuild

Published in: Education
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SqlSaturday Denmark 2017 - Automate your SSIS deployment process

  1. 1. #SQLSatDenmark Automate your SSIS deployment process Bartosz Ratajczyk
  2. 2. #SQLSatDenmark BIG Thanks to SQLSat Denmark sponsors
  3. 3. #SQLSatDenmark What is he talking about? About making deployments easier removing manual tasks Things tested in practice starting with small steps From multiple scripts to one script deployment or using one/two steps in TFS How to build your own solution About different options and hurdles
  4. 4. #SQLSatDenmark I will not cover Single package deployments Best practices DevOps
  5. 5. #SQLSatDenmark Bartosz Ratajczyk SQL Server Consultant @ 7N Speaker SQL Saturday volunteer Advisory Board Member in Data Community Poland MCSE, MCT
  6. 6. #SQLSatDenmark All deployment steps Client side 1. Compile project 2. Deploy project Server side 1. Create folder 2. Create environment 3. Reference environment 4. Create environment variables 5. Configure project 6. Validate project 7. Verify validation 8. Test run Testing (NBi, LegiTest) Naming convention compliance (ie. Jamie Thomson)
  7. 7. #SQLSatDenmark Raising the bar Version control DEV, TEST, PROD branches Different servers DEV, TEST, QA, PREPROD, PROD Different configurations Drive letters, folder names Connection strings We have more than one project
  8. 8. #SQLSatDenmark MAKING THE WORK EASIER Let’s start SQLDay 2017
  9. 9. #SQLSatDenmark Compile project – first steps
  10. 10. #SQLSatDenmark Compilation problems EncryptAllWithPassword, EncryptSensitiveWithPassword Manual password entry The process can hang
  11. 11. #SQLSatDenmark Handcrafting the package
  12. 12. #SQLSatDenmark MSBuild
  13. 13. #SQLSatDenmark SSISMSBuild SSIS compilation and deployment tasks for MSBuild DeploymentFileCompilerTask DeployProjectToCatalogTask Source code, build yourself the .dll
  14. 14. #SQLSatDenmark Compilation: Build.proj
  15. 15. #SQLSatDenmark Deployment – IsDeploymentWizard IsDeploymentWizard.exe /Silent
  16. 16. #SQLSatDenmark IsDeploymentWizard /Silent /Silent == fire and forget There might be a situation, where /Silent has problems e.g. external library in Script Task
  17. 17. #SQLSatDenmark MSBuild, again
  18. 18. #SQLSatDenmark DEMO Compilation and deployment SQLDay 2017
  19. 19. #SQLSatDenmark Other methods PowerShell script using SMO SSISBuild PowerShell Continuous Integration (PSCI) SSIS Build & Deploy
  20. 20. #SQLSatDenmark What’s with the name?
  21. 21. #SQLSatDenmark Compilation: Build.proj (again)
  22. 22. #SQLSatDenmark Handling the Environments Visual Studio Configuration Manager PowerShell + SMO Array CSV Database JSON
  23. 23. #SQLSatDenmark Configuration Manager
  24. 24. #SQLSatDenmark Configuration Manager - usage Different parameter values for different configurations (think: local environments) Contained in .dtproj files No single window to configure them all
  25. 25. #SQLSatDenmark
  26. 26. #SQLSatDenmark Create the Environment Environment-<NAME>.csv
  27. 27. #SQLSatDenmark Reference the Environment
  28. 28. #SQLSatDenmark Configure the project Environment-<NAME>-Configuration.csv
  29. 29. #SQLSatDenmark Data sensitivity Encryption Certificates
  30. 30. #SQLSatDenmark DEMO Create the environment and configure the project SQLDay 2017
  31. 31. #SQLSatDenmark Validation Validation is an asynchronous process We start the process and track the progress
  32. 32. #SQLSatDenmark Validation from code ::UseAllReferences ::SpecifyReference, $reference
  33. 33. #SQLSatDenmark Test run – the job
  34. 34. #SQLSatDenmark DEMO Validation and test SQLDay 2017
  35. 35. #SQLSatDenmark What else? NBi tests Jamie Thomson’s naming convention
  36. 36. #SQLSatDenmark And how about TFS? Custom proces for building and deployment You can expand it with PowerShell steps to control environments, validation, …
  37. 37. #SQLSatDenmark DEMO Automatic proces using TFS SQLDay 2017
  38. 38. #SQLSatDenmark So simple! The work is still boring, but this time the computer does it For automation use MSBuild Powershell SMO Use additional software for CI/CD process
  39. 39. #SQLSatDenmark BIG Thanks to SQLSat Denmark sponsors