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Pmr corporate eng

  1. 1. Market research and consultingfor European emerging markets:CEE, SEE, CIS
  2. 2. Experience in actionPMR – market & competitive intelligencein Central, South & Eastern Europe● A British-American company.● Experience accrued since 1995.● Employing over 90 experts: market researchers, market analysts, consultants and other specialists.● Based in Poland, putting us in close proximity to markets that we specialise in.● PMR main areas of competence: o consumer and market research, o business consulting, o off the shelf market studies, reports, online services.● PMR core sectors of activity: o construction, o retail, HoReCa, FMCG, o pharma, healthcare, o IT, telecoms, o industrial production. 2
  3. 3. Experience in action Three specialised divisions of PMR Synergy guaranteed – in order to meet our clients’ information needs, all three divisions work closely together. PMR Research specialised division offering a full array of market, consumers and products research services, e.g.: • customer satisfaction studies, • brand image research, • distribution & competition studies, • segmentation analyses, • industry analyses, • fieldwork.PMR Publicationsspecialised analytical divisionoffering a wide portfolio of PMR Consultingoff the shelf market studies: specialised division offering a wide• market studies, reports, range of diverse business consulting• regular newsletters, services, e.g.:• databases, • strategic advisory,• subscription online services. • mergers & acquisitions, • market enter studies, • market penetration advisory, • business partner search, • competitive intelligence. 3
  4. 4. Experience in actionWhat distinguishes PMR?● Dedicated team of market researchers and business consultants – if you need help with a specific project.● A wide portfolio of off the shelf information – if you need a standard report, data or business analytical service.● Business expertise on the CEE, SEE and CIS regions – international standards with local approach.● In-house economic forecasting and industry expertise.● Ability to execute multidimensional projects – we take into consideration market, consumers, competitors, economic, sociopolitical, technological, environmental aspects.● Simultaneous coordination of projects in many countries – we guarantee methodological coherency and time saving.● Day-to-day project management and execution by experts speaking fluently more than 15 languages.● We are an active member of international organizations confirming our high quality standards. 4
  5. 5. Experience in actionWe satisfy professionals’ diverse information needsWe answer a wide variety of our clients’ information requirements.We offer both ready analyses and data as well as projects based on individual approach.● Market reports – comprehensive studies ● Tailored analytic studies – business including analyses of a sector, its intelligence services custom-made to the segments, market players and important clients’ needs. market developments, market indicators ● Market research – full range of services and data, trends and forecasts. in the field of consumer, business and● PMR Online services – news and analytic syndicated research. products updated on an ongoing basis. ● Consulting projects – broad variety of● Newsletters – sectorial newsletters consulting, business support and delivered in pdf format. corporate finance services.● Databases – e.g. statistical ● Data feed – regular provision of high- data, company / tender quality economic data, indicators and databases, investment summaries. information. 5
  6. 6. Experience in actionWe have the answers to your questionsYou don’t have to be an emerging market expert, market analyst, research or consultingspecialist. It is our job to find the optimal solutions to produce credible, accurate marketor consumer data on which you can base sound business decisions.Our clients’ most frequently asked questions are, among others:● What is the size and value of the market? ● What are my clients needs?● What are the forecasts for my markets? ● How satisfied are my clients?● How does the competitive environment ● Where should I search for new business look like in my sector of interest? partners?● Which market entry strategy should ● How to run my financial investments? I adopt? ● How do consumers rate the● How can I effectively launch a new taste/appearance of my product compared product? to rival products?● How can I diversify my product range to ● What can I do to increase the satisfaction cater to different market segments? and involvement of my employees?● Which elements of my brand image ● Is my advertising comprehensible to my impact on my sales figures? target audience? 6
  7. 7. Experience in actionInternational projects are our passionNo time to liaise with several vendors and agencies Example project:for each country? We conducted a marketing surveyWant to enter a new market that you know very little among doctors and pharmacistsabout? in Croatia, Poland, Sweden andWant to find a new business partner but you do not Ukraine.know the local languages? The study included an assessmentWant to find out and compare data for several of various brands of drugs,countries? an assessment of the concept for a new drug, and an exploration of doctors’ motivations and beha- We provide you with an experienced project viours. /account manager who will be the main point of contact for coordinating your multinational project. Running the project in several We guarantee: countries simultaneously enabled us to compare the various markets and ● methodological consistency, adjust the sales strategy accor- ● cohesiveness of results for ease dingly. of comparison, ● efficient client–agency communication, ● time efficiency. 7
  8. 8. Experience in actionWe eagerly share our knowledgeOur offer includes a wide variety of generallyaccessible free materials. Get a practical experience of whatever we offer!● Free information portals – online access to professional market studies: We provide for free and o analytic articles illustrated with charts and data without commitments: summaries, o the newest market developments with comments by experts, ● examples of pages from our reports, o databases of economic indicators and statistical data, ● free trial access to PMR internet services, o up-to-date market data and information. ● free trial subscription to all● Free market analyses – sector articles on market pdf newsletters, situation, trends and forecasts prepared by PMR experts. ● product demonstration during an interactive● Free e-letters – the most important market analyses teleconference. and information delivered straight to your mailbox. 8
  9. 9. Experience in actionQuality guaranteeWith years of experience, we have developed our own methodologies: PMR Brand Image – brand image research methodology In order to study the root sources of creation of a brand image, we analyse all the attributes of the brand by learning consumers’ opinions, interviewing market experts and trendsetters, and studying internet word of mouth. We identify the elements of the brand image that have the greatest impact on the choices made by consumers, and recommend the most promising directions for shaping brand image. PMR Medical Panel – we have a constantly growing panel of doctors The members of this panel are doctors of various specialisations who have agreed to take part in our medical and pharmaceutical marketing research. Our database contains more than 5,000 doctors and other healthcare employees. Using a pre-recruited panel of doctors to conduct research projects in the medical sector cuts costs and reduces the time the study takes. PMR Market Insight – methodology designed to support the whole process of producing sector reports and analyses Analyses are conducted on the basis of information from existing sources: statistics, sector data (the specialist press, the internet), general and official sources, and our own databases, as well as independent primary research. The range of sources we use is tailored to each project individually. 9
  10. 10. Experience in actionThe world’s largest trust us! 10
  11. 11. Experience in actionOur referencesWe are fully satisfied with our cooperation with PMR Research Netia has been PMR client since 2001. Based on the long historyand can recommend it as a reliable partner in undertaking of our business relations and on our assessment of PMRs offerresearch and market analysis. we can assure that we are satisfied with our cooperation with PMR. IBM Market Analyst Netia Director, Product Management & Development DepartmentIn Ruukki opinion, PMR is worth recommending not only because PMR consultants were flexible, active and made a lot of effort toof its expertise and work standards but also the kind understand our business priorities. They assessed our currentof people who are able to understand various business models situation and gave recommendations as to a suitable marketingand collaborate with the client at every stage of the project. strategy. I can, without doubt, confirm PMR’s competence in the region. Ruukki Vice President Sandvik Mining Solutions Technical DirectorPMR Consulting has delivered consistently high-qualitydeliverable in several projects that we have engaged them. The newsletter on CEE published by PMR is an invaluable source of information enabling us to understand the Shell developments in the retail markets. The information provided is Global Market Development and Sourcing Analyst clear, up-to-date and sufficiently detailed. I recommend it as reliable and informative.The Sanofi-Aventis Group regularly buys PMR reports and Tesco Non-Food Research Managernewsletters on the pharmaceutical market in Poland. We usePMR services because of its analysts vast experience in marketanalysis as well as high quality and strong involvement in the PMR representatives are professionals, both meritorically andmarket research process. regarding their approach to customers. Sanofi-Synthelabo General Manager Rockwool Poland Marketing Director 11
  12. 12. Experience in action 12