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Xps 13 developer edition - slide share presentation-02.20.13


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Xps 13 developer edition - slide share presentation-02.20.13

  1. 1. XPS 13 Developer EditionA client-to-cloud solutionBarton GeorgeDirector, Web VerticalFebruary 20, 2013
  2. 2. Developers are king Decreed: 1. Programming language 2. Platform (OS) 3. Middleware 4. How data is stored
  3. 3. No client solution specifically targeted at them
  4. 4. Project Sputnik: developer focusedEnabled by internal incubation program Key Tenants • Conduct project in the open, solicit and leverage direct input from developers • Utilize social media: Dell IdeaStorm, Dell TechCenter forums, blogs, twitter
  5. 5. XPS 13 Developer Edition: Client-to-cloud solution Hardware: XPS 13 laptop • FHD, i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Software • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS • Basic set of tools and utilities • Beta projects: Profile tool & Cloud launcher • Key Links •
  6. 6. Community-driven projects Cloud launcher and Profile tool (Beta)Launch pad for cloud apps --Simulate entire appenvironment on client andpush to cloud Cloud back end • Dell Cloud on Demand • OpenStack • EC2 Access to a library of community- “micro” cloud developed language profiles Cloud Launcher Profile tool
  7. 7. Project Sputnik timelineConcept• March 15 Approved by Dell incubation team• Apr 6-10 Feedback from select alpha developers• April 16-20 Customer visits to get feedbackPublic pilot• May 7 Project announced; IdeaStorm kicked off• July 2 Beta program announced (6K+ applications)• July 17 Announced: Project to become product in fall• Aug 23 Beta program kicks offLaunch• Nov 29 Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition launched in US/Canada• Feb 18 1080p version, EMEA launch