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EdgeX Foundry - Open Interop Platform for the IoT Edge.


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This presentation gives a high level overview of EdgeX Foundry. EdgeX Foundry is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation. At the heart of the project is an interoperability framework hosted within a full hardware- and OS-agnostic reference software platform. This platform enables an ecosystem of plug-and-play components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions.

Presented by Barton George, Office of the CTO, Dell EMC. Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2017, October 12. Basel, Switzerland

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EdgeX Foundry - Open Interop Platform for the IoT Edge.

  1. 1. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Accelerating Industrial IoT at the Edge October 2017 Barton George, Dell EMC, Senior Architect in the office of CTO
  2. 2. IoT Operational Technology (OT) • Industrial automation • Manufacturing • Fleet telematics • Material handling Information Technology (IT) • Compute • Storage • Networking • Analytics IoT is a natural evolution
  3. 3. Why now? Cost Sensor and device Wireless Increasing coverage Power Improved efficiencies Cloud Rise of IaaS, PaaS Mobility Device/app ubiquity $ Big Data/ Analytics Deeper insights EDGE/FIELD CLOUDFOG/CORE
  4. 4. SECURITY │ MANAGEABILITY │ ANALYTICS Industrial IoT -- architecture from edge to cloud -- At every nodeAt every node -- EDGE/FIELD CLOUDFOG/CORE
  5. 5. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Project Introduction* *(don’t forget to ask me about the Octopus)
  6. 6. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 The IoT market is inherently heterogeneous…
  7. 7. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Today’s Fragmented IoT Ecosystem
  8. 8. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Problem: Customer Paralysis Actual customer sticky note
  9. 9. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 … and the majority of the challenges are at the Edge. Hundreds of protocols Mix of IP and non-IP connectivity Widely distributed computing nodes, often in unsecure areas Spotty use of APIs Standardized protocols Entirely IP-based Computing generally in physically secure areas Wide use of APIs EDGE/FIELD CLOUDFOG/CORE
  10. 10. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 • 125,000 lines of code, 50+ members • The result of customer and industry feedback Vision: Create a common interoperability framework that enables an ecosystem of plug-and-play, “EdgeX certified” components. And the name? • A vendor-neutral, open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation -- launched in April 2017
  11. 11. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 EdgeX Foundry Goals 1. Build and promote EdgeX as unifying the IoT edge via a common open platform. 2. Enable plug-and-play components to allow solutions providers to create ecosystem of interoperable components around EdgeX platform architecture. 3. Certify components to ensure interoperability and compatibility. 4. Provide tools to quickly create EdgeX-based IoT edge solutions that can easily adapt to changing business needs. 5. Collaborate with relevant open source projects, standards groups, and industry alliances to ensure consistency and interoperability across the IoT.
  12. 12. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 EdgeX Foundry -- Platform Architecture • Cloud-native principles: loosely- coupled microservices bound by common APIs • Microservices written in any language and deployed in containers or VMs • HW and OS agnostic
  13. 13. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 EdgeX Enables Distributed IoT Deployments • Loosely-coupled allows distribution across nodes for edge/core computing • Quantity and function of microservices on a node depends on use case and HW
  14. 14. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Benefits to Key IoT Stakeholders
  15. 15. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 EdgeX Foundry Governance Structure EDGEX FOUNDRY MEMBER COMPANIES CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE (2H CY18) Develops and oversees the certification program for EdgeX Certified components. TECHNICAL STEERING COMMITTEE (TSC) Leads the technical work of EdgeX Foundry. Oversees and aligns working groups. GOVERNING BOARD (GB) Composed of appointed and elected individuals; manages the business of the EdgeX Foundry. LF SUPPORT TEAM WG WG WG WG WG
  16. 16. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Over 60 member orgs and growing
  17. 17. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Target Bi-Annual Release Roadmap ‘Barcelona’ Release (Oct CY17) • First community release • Ramp developer engagement and PoCs with end customers for feedback and further hardening ‘California’ Release (~June CY18) • Intended as first product- quality OSS foundation for commercial differentiation • Integration of security and manageability APIs 2017 2018 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July August Sept Oct Nov Dec Go Lang Preview (~Jan CY18) • Drop-in Go Lang-and C-based microservice replacements to demonstrate reduced footprint and higher performance ‘Delhi’ Release (~Dec 2018) • Formal EdgeX certification program • Extensions for fog computing
  18. 18. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 For more information… • Contact us: • Follow us: • Join the Discussion: • Subscribe to Mail Lists: • Access Developer Resources: • Join as a member:
  19. 19. | @edgexfoundry | @barton808 Thank You! Oh, and about that Octopus… Source: