Digital Natives - Session 3 - Online Advertising


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Viral campaigns are every advertiser's dream. Would they work for your brand, product or service? Or can they do more harm than good? Is online bannering yesterday's option? Would you rather go for Adwords these days? Are there any new online channels emerging? And how do some brands reduce their media budgets to virtually nothing?

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Digital Natives - Session 3 - Online Advertising

  1. 1. Session 3: Online Advertising.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Dave Winer “Online advertising is now dead.”
  4. 4. Assuming the economy comes back from the recession-depression thing that it's in now, we will have completely moved on from advertising.
  5. 5. We need to rethink some givens
  6. 6. 2000 emailings banner ads Online CPM sponsorships advertising
  7. 7. behavioral ads 2008 emailings contextual ads newsletter marketing banner ads video ads CPA sponsorships mobile social advertising CPM advertorials search engine influence marketing free marketing location based ads CPC viral marketing in-game ads affiliate marketing reactive advertising
  8. 8. “No one needs advertising, and there are much better ways to sell products.”
  9. 9. “And that’s why it is no longer a business of solely media buying.”
  10. 10. Tina Turner was right: simply the best
  11. 11. Making Traditional Online Advertising more relevant.
  12. 12. Off to Walibi this weekend? Order your tickets fast and easy on Ticket2Fun!
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  14. 14. What Copybox basically does is that it enables copywriters and creative directors, people that are not very tech savvy in general, to squeeze out everything that the Internet offers in terms of technology and data smartness.
  15. 15. Free Advertising
  16. 16. The self-igniting community.
  17. 17. The self-igniting community.
  18. 18. Online Video
  19. 19. “This is a game changer. This takes us from a world of 'no' to a world of 'yes,' where the audience gets to curate content, express and share it as they choose, while copyright holders are not only respected, they get to make money.” Jeff Berman, Myspace’s president of sales and marketing
  20. 20. Viral Video Marketing.
  21. 21. “We will implement a viral marketing strategy.”
  22. 22. 1.Would you share the video with friends? 2.Viral success depends in great part on how well it's seeded. 3.Be transparent! 4.Keep it almost real. 5.Subtly reveal your brand link. 6.Move beyond the view.
  23. 23. 399$
  24. 24. Don’t Mess with Moms.
  25. 25. #motrinmom
  26. 26. 1.You need to monitor your brand on social networking sites. 2.Design your website for rapid response. 3.Learn to think as a blogger, tweeter or citizen journalist. 4.Have a good Google strategy in place.
  27. 27. Don’t push it, peer it!
  28. 28. Social Influence has always been around
  29. 29. Classic and new influentials classic influentials new influentials passive influencers by responding to active influencers by proactively requests for advice giving advice good for purchase intent and the good for brand awareness and actual purchase brand affinity
  30. 30. Classic and new influentials Mainly males, aged 15 to 25 are most likely to exert influence on others.
  31. 31. Marketers must set their goals, then reach out to the influentials who can help them achieve those goals.
  32. 32. “Facebook, a ready-made Marketing platform, offers a vast toolset (with challenges) but brands must first develop a strategy.” Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester Research
  33. 33. Why Facebook is a ready-made platform 1.3 million users in Belgium it is still growing people are there to talk, share, do things with friends they trust enormous amount of personal data the newsfeed principle makes it the basis for influence there are are lots of branding possibilities like fan and brand pages, groups
  34. 34. “Prepare for the distributed web, understand OpenSocial and the aggregation of Social Graph”
  35. 35. 1 Social Ads
  36. 36. click often better than regular ads are sold on a CPC basis are targeted are highly manageable show relevant activities from friends are able to be part of the conversation have limited editing capabilities are not that good positioned on the page
  37. 37. Homepage ad units: video ads virtual gifts sponsored events advertise your page Profile ads (non-)targeted regular ads
  38. 38. 1. Target carefully and opt for pay-per-click
  39. 39. 2. Get to the point, focus on the consumer benefit.
  40. 40. 3. Ad a photo. Use a thumbnail that’s visually compelling. Not your logo.
  41. 41. 4. Provide a compelling reason to click. Make an offer they can’t refuse.
  42. 42. 5. Encourage sharing. You’re on a social network!
  43. 43. 2 Apps
  44. 44. Missed Opportunities... no direct push to the news feed from interactions putting it on the profile is rather hidden application box on profile page is not too obvious it does not appear in the ‘requests’ page only works as a realtime game too complex for a simple game ...
  45. 45. The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
  46. 46. This is even more true with applications: 1% apps > 74% usage 20% apps > 98% usage
  47. 47. Why you shouldn’t Why you should There are no branded apps at the top. Experience with your brand is higher compared to traditional or TV ads. Users become fans. New Facebook design & decreased visibility => Apps offer better opportunities for brand challenging to launch a successful application. alignment and integration. Facebook apps are not for all brands. App usage is a better signal for intent than profile data. In a social platform environment brand The NewsFeed allows viral effects. evangelists are more important than apps.
  48. 48. 3 Pages & Groups
  49. 49. Facebook offers many ways to get the word out and enable engagement with your brand in more compelling ways than were ever before possible on the web.
  50. 50. Groups are oldest and simplest way to build community around SEO advantage: site + your brand or company on Facebook.
  51. 51. - First and foremost, Facebook removes your ability to blast messages to your group once it surpasses a certain size. if your group becomes popular, it can become a target for spammers. If you want to keep your group clean, be prepared to spend time deleting spam wall posts and reporting users that spam your group to Facebook.
  52. 52. Groups Pages Visibility Only Facebook users Public Accessibility Admin determined Any Facebook user Searchability Only in Facebook Yes Buzz Good Better Inviting Any Facebook user Only sharing, no invites Discussion/Wall Yes Yes Video/photo Yes Yes Layout Limited HTML & Flash E-mail members Limited to 5000 Unlimited Fans Events & invites Yes Yes Social ads Yes Yes Stats No Yes
  53. 53. Facebook Events is a free application developed by Facebook that anyone can use to promote marketing events, sponsored parties, or even product launches, transactions, or company milestones. You can invite all of your friends to the event; friends you invite will receive a special notification requesting their RSVP. Facebook Events makes it easy to get the word out to hundreds of people, manage your guest list, and build community around your upcoming event. Events API In an effort to allow applications to more tightly integrate with the Facebook Events system, Facebook launched new APIs that allow applications to create and manage Facebook Events from within the application in August 2008. Application users can RSVP to events, which will result in News Feed stories being published and give the user an opportunity to invite friends. SEO ready
  54. 54. Facebook Share is a Facebook application that lets you promote any Group, Event, Photo, Link, or Application you come across by a) giving it real estate in your “Posted Items” list on your profile page, or b) sending it directly to your friends’ Inbox.
  55. 55. In May 2008, Facebook launched a feature specifically designed to make it easier to share content from around the web, called Feed Importing. Users just enter their credentials for their accounts at supported partner sites and your content will appear in your Mini Feed (and your friends’ News Feeds).
  56. 56. While all the channels I’ve described above are useful for grassroots marketing on Facebook, the wind that blows your marketing seeds is Facebook’s News Feed. While you’re not able to publish directly to the feeds (unless you’re willing to pay or build an application), Facebook’s Mini Feed and News Feed archive your users’ engagement with your brand and syndicate it to their friends, networks, and beyond, amplifying the reach of your campaign by orders of magnitude.
  57. 57. I’ve just created a page, how do I promote it? 1. Share/Post your page on your Facebook profile. This will convert more friends and profile visitors. 2. Make sure to build your network by inviting as many relevant people as possible. 3. Create Events within your page. When fans RSVP, their friends will see the news in their News Feeds. 4. Use Facebook’s search function to post messages in related groups. Or talk to the administrators. 5. Email the Page URL to your mailing lists and invite contacts to become Facebook “Fans” of your page. 6. Keep the Page alive by regularly adding pics, vids, links, ... 7. Buy targeted Social Ads to promote your page. 8. Encourage members to post items regularly 9. Message your Page members regularly
  58. 58. 4 Facebook Connect
  59. 59. Facebook Connect is the next evolution of Facebook Platform - enabling you to integrate the power of the Facebook Platform into your own site.
  60. 60. Missed opportunities... show a personalized set of restaurants, movies, ... based on the profile data notify when a friend posts a new review ‘show only Facebook Friend reviews’ as filter put reviews by friends on top of search results put relevant friends’ reviews as a permanent widget on each page allow sharing of reviews with your friends, even using the Facebook Inbox or SMS capabilities invite friends to the website using Facebook Invites
  61. 61. It’s just like Google Marketing after all SEO NFO SEA NFA
  62. 62. Radically reduce advertising
  63. 63. ... in broadcast media. Relevance Advertising should fit the consumer’s profile. Viral is the effect, not the cause. Social Influence Marketing Should be an essential part of your overall online marketing plan.
  64. 64.