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The Best Way to Learn Italian: A Simple Strategy for Mastering the Italian Language


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Learn to Speak, Read and Understand Italian with Rocket Italian, While Having Fun in the Process!

  • Hi. I've tried different ways to study. But I have not much time. So my last try was when I've learned italian online with native speakers using skype. To be honest my speaking italian is now much more better. Now I'm looking for more opportunities to imrove my language speaking skills.
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The Best Way to Learn Italian: A Simple Strategy for Mastering the Italian Language

  1. 1. The Best Way to Learn ItalianA Simple Strategy for Mastering the ItalianLanguageRyan Wiley
  2. 2. Italian is a beautiful, romantic language, one that we all know wed love to be able tospeak. What we dont all know is the best way to go about doing that. This article isgoing to help by giving you a practical, easy to follow Italian language learning strategy.Use Outcome-Based Learning MethodsOutcome-based learning strategies are very powerful. Ill show you by contrasting atraditional learning plan with an outcome-based one. A typical goal using a traditionallearning style would be, for example, "This week I am going to memorize 100 new travelItalian vocabulary words." Or, perhaps, "This week I am going to complete lessons 1 to3." Now contrast that to an outcome-based goal, which would look something like this,"This week I am going to learn how to buy one-way train tickets for two people fromBarcelona to Rome." Do you see the powerful difference in the goals set. Withtraditional, often-used goal setting techniques you dont learn to accomplish anyparticularly useful tasks. With outcome-based goals, its just the opposite. You start witha task you want to accomplish, and then you learn what you need to learn in order toaccomplish that goal. Using outcome-based learning models is the best way to learnItalian--or any other language.Get a Good Software or Internet-based Italian Language ProgramYes, the best way to learn Italian is to move to Italy for a year or two. As thats ratherimpractical for most, however, Im going to suggest the next best thing--computer-based learning. Software and Internet-based programs are relatively cheap, very easy touse, and they are extremely effective learning tools. You can choose from 100% audio-based programs, or you can choose from more activity and written dialogue basedprograms. You can also choose from programs that are 100% online and from those thatcan be downloaded directly to your computer, or loaded with CDs. When choosing, besure to do plenty of research, and always keep in mind your own personal learning styleand when and where you plan on studying.Use the Internet to Exchange Languages With a Native Italian SpeakerWe all know that the only way to get perfect Italian pronunciation is to practicespeaking with a native Italian Speaker. One great way to do that is to do an onlinelanguage exchange. All you do is go to an Italian language learning forum or messageboard and find a native-speaker to talk to. Easier said than done, right? No, not really.You see, there are lots of Italian people out there who want to perfect their Englishpronunciation, just like you want to perfect your Italian. All you do is find each other andexchange MSN, or Skype Ids, and off you go. I have had best results studying only one
  3. 3. language per day. For example, on Monday, you spend an hour having a conversation inEnglish, you perfecting your partners pronunciation as you go along. Then, the next dayyou spend an hour together speaking Italian, your partner correcting your pronunciationas you speak.Final ThoughtsItalian is a beautiful, romantic, and useful language. There are lots of ways to go aboutlearning it. When factoring in practical things like educational research, cost, andmodern technology, it is clear that the best way to learn Italian is to use outcome outcome-basedstrategies, to utilize computer based learning programs, and to use the Internet to computer-basedcomplete language exchanges with Italian native speakers.Is the Webs #1 Italian learning course good for you? Find out nowRyan Wiley is a language professor, blogger, and language learning textbook writer. Hehas published 12 language learning textbooks to date. Get his popular language learning learningtips and tricks at the Language learning blog. Dont miss out! Click hereLearn to Speak, Read and Understand Italian with Rocket Italian, While Having Fun in the Process!