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The Best Ebook Reader Review


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The Best Ebook Reader Review

  1. 1. ==== ====Direct Buy--Low price Amazon Kindle Fire: ====Tablets have become the latest "must have" gadget to own, and for good reason. They are light-weight, extremely portable, easy to use and visually awesome!The Amazon Kindle Fire hopes to appeal to both new and established tablet owners. The Fire hasalready pre-sold an estimated 250,000 units in just the first five days of being launched. Evaluatedagainst other well-known tablets, Fire is holding its own.With so many tablets available on the market, lets do a Kindle Fire Tablet comparison.How Does The Fire Stack Up Against The Other Tablets?The most well-known tablet by far is the Apple iPad. So for this report well focus on how Firecompares specifically to the iPad. It should be noted that coming in a close second are tabletsrunning Googles Android operating system. This is important to note as Fire also runs on theAndroid Platform.How Fire Compares To The iPad VisuallyiPad has a large 10 inch display compared to Fires 7 inch display Recent rumors suggest Amazonwill be selling a 10 inch version of Fire just in time for the holiday season. Both are easy tonavigate and both offer users stunning screen resolution. Of course, when it comes to streamingvideo Fire has an advantage. iPad does not support flash...Kindle Fire does. Many games andvideo on the web require flash in order to be played or viewed.Compared To The iPad How Does Fire Stack Up When It Comes To Features?When it comes to "cool features and the wow factor" so far nobody surpasses the Apple iPad. Butwith consumers trying to save money wherever they can these days, they are willing to go withouta few extra features if it means cost savings.The Fire does not have a camera or the ability to do video chats. You can with the iPad. Another,feature is the iPads ability to connect using 3G. The Fire does not have 3G capability, you musthave access to a wi-fi network in order to get online.User Experience And ContentCompared to iPad the Kindle Fire tablet is very easy to use. Even first time tablet owners will findthe interface intuitive and easy to figure out.
  2. 2. Both Fire and iPad give users access to an almost unlimited amount of content. Fire of coursegives users access to Amazon.coms e-books, movies, television shows and games. Both giveusers thousands of apps as well.Kindle Fire vs Apples iPad When It Comes To PricePrice is clearly where Amazons Fire beats Apples iPad by a couple of miles! Fire is priced at$199.00. The iPad is priced between $499.00 and $699.00. Any way you look at it, thats a hugeadvantage when it comes to consumers. The economy has many tightening their purse strings.But the appetite for new innovative technology seems to be healthy in spite of the economy.Theres no denying that $199.00 price tag makes the Kindle Fire a really "hot" buy. (Sorry couldntresist that!)So there you have it. The Kindle Fire compared to the iPad could be an excellent choicedepending on whether or not certain features are a must have for you. If you prefer the "extras"from iPad and dont mind the much higher price tag, then maybe thats a better option.But if cost is the deciding factor for you, and you can do without some of the frills offered by theiPad... based on the Kindle Fire Tablet comparison shown here...Fire wins hands down!The Kindle Fire wont be available until November 15th, but you can pre-order from Amazon.Judging on the high number of pre-orders already made, Kindle Fire could turn out to be one ofthe biggest most sought after items this holiday season.Marc Goode, who resides in Chicago, IL, is a writer and researcher. When hes not writing heenjoys biking, travel, tennis, ethnic restaurants, and the Chicago Cubs. You can read his KindleFire Tablet reviews and Kindle Fire Tablet comparisons at his blog.Article Source: ====Direct Buy--Low price Amazon Kindle Fire: ====