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Ever Considered Taking French Language Courses


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Learn to speak French with Rocket French and experience language learning the way it should be!

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Ever Considered Taking French Language Courses

  1. 1. Ever ConsideredTaking FrenchLanguage Courses?By: Jon Einshemerin
  2. 2. So why would you like to learn another language? I bet you can come up with severalanswers to that question. Why not consider learning the French language?Statistics have it that the French ranks as the second most taught language world over,after English which takes the first spot. French is also the worlds second official worklanguage, used in many international organizations such as the United Nations and theInternational Red Cross.WAYS OF LEARNING THE FRENCHTaking a journey through France and taking advantage to attend a French teachinglanguage school while there is considered as the best way of learning the language. Thisprocess is known as the Total Immersion Method.However, the next best method of learning French is attending French classes in yourarea. If this classes are conducted by a native French speaker, then the learning processwill be more effective as emphasis will also be placed on pronunciations.FRENCH AND BUSINESSMost multinational companies have many subsidiaries in France. These includecompanies such as Hewlett-Packard, Michelin, Renault and Apple Computers. TheFrench economy is also considered to be one of the most stable world economies and isa leader with regard to technological innovation.FRENCH AND ACADEMIESMany educational institutions insist on the knowledge of at least one foreign languageas a prerequisite for admission. The French language is the most favored, as it is thesecond most used language, after English.Also, several academics have their works composed in the French.High school students are therefore encouraged to study an extra foreign language for atleast four years. Many prestigious education institutions are now including the Frenchlanguage in their syllabuses.FRENCH AND SKILLS
  3. 3. Learning French has also been known to improve the individuals critical and creativeskills, since progress in learning is easily measured and the individual registersconfidence in his/her abilities.FRENCH AND ENGLISHThe French language has added to the advancement of the English language. Anadvantage of learning the French language is that the individual will be in a position tounderstand the origin of some words used in English as well as grammatical structures.FRENCH AND SOCIAL STANDINGHaving the ability to speak French elevates ones social standing in the community.When the individual meets a French national and can speak their language, theforeigner is impressed and this action boosts the individuals image and self esteem.Learning the French language needs commitment; daily practice and patience. Learningthis language offers challenges such as several sounds in French are different from thoseof English. Pronunciations in the French language are also tricky because the languagehas lots of silent letters. All in all, learning the French language is great.Are you ready for this incredible FRENCH LANGUAGE COURSE and be effective in 6days??Learn to speak French with Rocket French and experience language learning the way it should be! Click here: