Clothing unit 1 chapter 1 influences of clothing


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Clothing unit 1 chapter 1 influences of clothing

  1. 1. Writing Prompt…  Look at the clothing you wore to school today. Describe your outfit choice in one paragraph.  Then explain why you chose to wear what you re wearing today. Identify at leastʼ three factors that influenced or guided you as you were deciding what to wear.
  2. 2. Why We Wear Clothes  Complete the Pre-test.
  3. 3. Influences on Clothing Unit 1 Chapter 1
  4. 4. Learning Objective and FCS Standards  Learning Objective: Identify the needs that clothing provides and compare and contrast the various influences on clothing.  FCS Standards: 06-12.1.1, 1.D, 6-12.9.1, 9.A, 9.D
  5. 5. Why do we wear what we wear?  Basic Needs  Physical-what are some examples?  Intellectual, Emotional, and Social-More examples?  Activities  Sports, Casual or Dress-Up Occasion, Indoor or Outdoor, School or Job Uniform  Personal Preferences  Values: beliefs about what’s important, desirable, or worthwhile  What do you look for when choosing clothing?
  6. 6. Basic Functions of Clothing  Throughout history, clothing has fulfilled these basic functions.  Protection  Identification  Modesty: a belief about the proper way to cover the body with clothes.  Status: a position or rank within a group.  Adornment: Decorations that express uniqueness and creativity and bring admiration and recognition.
  7. 7. Other Influences on Clothing Choices  Family  Where do they live? What activities do they do?  Friends  Peer Group: people with a similar background, social status, and age.  A big influence when you are a teen.
  8. 8. The Influence of the Media Media: messages that are communicated to a large audience. (TV, radio, internet, magazines)  Advertising-useful to consumers buying clothing, but also to the company selling. Don’t be fooled by well done advertising. Look for some facts.  Celebrities-entertainers, athletes, models, politicians, religious leaders all influence people and the clothing they buy and wear.  Status Symbols: gives the wearer a special feeling of importance or wealth.  The Nike “swoosh”, Tommy Hilfiger, and other symbols, initials, or names on clothing. What are some more??
  9. 9. Society’s Influence  Society: a group of individuals who live together is a particular area, sometimes a nation or community.  Share certain traditions, institutions, and interests.  What is happening in one area of the country can influence another.
  10. 10. Gallery Walk  Go to rm. 131, look at the clothing on the Mannequins  Describe what you see, what purpose the clothing has, what influenced the clothing.
  11. 11. 5 Major Society Trends Influence Clothing Choices  1. More Casual Living  There used to be more “rules”-men wore business suits, women wore hats, gloves, and dresses. No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  Today we are more casual.  2. Rapid Communication  Because of technology, we live in close contact with each other which influences our clothing choices. We can purchase clothing from almost anywhere.
  12. 12. Trends Continued  3. Multiple Shopping Options  Malls, Discount Stores, the Internet  You can shop about anywhere, if your budget holds up.  4. Consumer Power  The consumer influences clothing design and designers/sellers are trying to match what the consumer wants.  5. Global Marketplace  Many cities and countries are leaders in fashion and even one article of clothing can make a journey around the world before it ends up in your closet.
  13. 13. Thinking Critically…  Answer these questions on a piece of notebook paper (20 points) 1. Predict what might happen if people in certain occupations no longer wore uniforms. Give examples. 2. Would you follow the fashion example set by a celebrity? Explain. 3. Some people are offended when they dress up for dinner at a nice restaurant and other diners are wearing jeans and casual wear. What is your point of view?