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Live mesh & live framework



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Live mesh & live framework

  1. 1. LIVE MESH & LIVE FRAMEWORK Alexander Deguffroy & Bart Lannoeye
  2. 2. 2 PROBLEM? • Photos • Movies • Office documents • Colleagues • Friends • Family • PC/Mac • Mobile • Media Center • Gaming Devices • Flickr • Facebook • NYTimes Reader • Outlook Data Devices Applications People ?
  4. 4. 4 LIVE MESH USER EXPERIENCE • Live Mesh Client • Online “in the cloud” DEMO LIVE MESH EXPERIENCE
  6. 6. 6 LIVE SERVICES • Live Services is already reality. – Hotmail, Live Messenger, ... Live Services Devices Applications Synchronization Mesh Services User
  7. 7. 7 LIVE FRAMEWORK IN DETAIL Visual Studio® Tools/ Designers Tools & Services Developer Portal Provisioning/ Account Management Analytics Developer Sandbox .NET FX APIs Silverlight™ APIs JavaScript APIs Client Controls Web Controls Other Libraries Live Operating Environment (used to be MOE) Windows® Azure ™ Windows Other Embedded Windows Mobile :Cloud_ :Client_ CRUD Resource Script Engine Cache Analytics Sync Engine Auth/Z CRUD Resource Script Engine Sync Engine Auth/Z Files System Peer-to-Peer Cash/Local Store Resource Manager Peer-to-Cloud Catalog Application Settings Application Management Peer-to-Peer Notifications Presence Profile Groups Folders Contacts Calendars Photos Custom Data Types Geospatial Search Resource Model Atom Pub FeedSync ATOM JSON RSS Binary XMLPOX CRUD URI-LINQ Resource Scripts Triggers Auth/Z Introspection Mesh User Mesh Device Mesh Application Mesh Synchronization Data Applications Communications User System Identity News Operations
  8. 8. 8 RESOURCE MODEL Devices Data Entry Members Mappings Data Feeds News Subscription Applications News Notification Queue Mesh Objects Scripts ProfilesMesh Contacts LiveOperating Environment Data Entry Media Resources
  9. 9. 9 RESOURCE MODEL BROWSER • Comes with Live Framework SDK • Examine local & cloud Mesh Resource Model – ATOM, JSON, POX, RSS DEMO RESOURCE MODEL BROWSER
  10. 10. 1 0 APPLICATION SCENARIOS • Windows Forms orWPF • ASP.NET or MVCWeb Applications • Silverlight 2 • 3rd PartyWeb Applications • ...
  11. 11. 1 1 MESH SERVICES • Live Fx API = your “CLR” for Cloud Services • Visual Studio tools or Javascript Library DEMO MESH SERVICES
  12. 12. 1 2 GET STARTED • Go to: • Click on “Microsoft Connect” link to sign-up for CTP • While waiting for access: learn more about Live fx on: – – – ...
  13. 13. LIVE MESH & LIVE FRAMEWORK Alexander Deguffroy & Bart Lannoeye QUESTIONS?
  14. 14. LIVE MESH & LIVE FRAMEWORK Alexander Deguffroy & Bart Lannoeye THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

Editor's Notes

  • rise of “social computing”, intrinsic to the user’s data is the notion of sharing
  • Hard to manage data, devices, people, apps
    -> Framework to solve problem
    -> connecting devices, data & apps through a consistent, approachable framework

    The notion of “my computer” -> a user’s “mesh-- where a mesh is the sum total of a user’s data and data shared with the user’s friends and family, all stored on a set of related devices (including cloud devices).
  • Client & Desktop built on top of Live fx, no hidden API’s

    Client supports:
    PC (XP, Vista)
    Windows Mobile 6
  • General picture:
    MS Vision of Cloud Computing

    Windows Azure as Cloud OS
    Services on the cloud to support their applications and allow us to make applications
  • Live Services:
    Identity services: manage person, device & app identities with associated services like Delegate Authentication
    -> at center of everything (Live ID, sign-in/up, app key management, ...)
    Directory services: manage association & relationships between identities, data, devices & apps
    Storage: manage persistence and retention of user-centric info as contacts, files and extensible data types
    Communication & presence services: provide transport infrastructure for transient & persistent state management between apps & devices
    Search: set of technologies for building/enhancing search on websites & apps
    Geospatial: geocoding/reverse geocoding features, routing, search, road/aerial image mapping for visualizing geospatial data

    Mesh services = underlying core services of Live fx (added/targetted for the mesh)

    Users: managing a user’s Mesh (dev, app, data) + sharing these resources across multiple users.
    Devices: managing collection of dev (including relationships, status, security, ...) in a user’s Mesh
    Application Management Services facilitate configuration, deployment and versioning of apps (including Mesh apps)
    Synchronization: ensure a seamless synchronization of data and metadata between apps, devices & the cloud (open protocols)
  • Live Operating Environment
    Symmetric Cloud & Client Service Composition Engine
    Integrated Synchronization & offline operations
    Communications, device management, presence & notification services

    The HTTP Endpoint can be accessed using protocols such as Atom Pub, JSON, RSS, etc

    Resource Model

    Served from the Live Framework runtime environment. (Live Operating Environment)
    Core Services like Identity, Devices and applications.
    Specific user data: Photos, files, contacts, calendar events
    Communication Infrastructure: Device to device or application to application communication and synchronization
    Application Model: To help you distribute your applications


    Entry points into the Live Framework using API kits. .NET, Silverlight and JavaScript
  • = User-centric data store
    API = REST
    Model = Feeds (rss/atom)

    Set of Properties (relationships, type, ...) + Entity (resource) + Collection of new entities

    Resource Model: This consists of user resources and relationships between resources. Each resource exposes specific user information such as Contacts, Profiles, Mesh Objects, Devices, and News, and they are all represented in terms of URL addressable endpoints. These resources can be projected to various type systems.

    Data Entry

    Base unit of extensible storage. Think of it as an item in the grocery list, or a blob
    Multiple data entries can loosely associate together
    Media related: in MediaResources

    Data Feed

    Collection of Data Entries, unit of synchronization
    Things are the same level:

    Members: Who is this data being shared with and what role do they have
    Mappings: Which devices does this data appear on. Both users and applications can select that
    News: What events are happening, user or application generated
    Subscription: What events are happening to this mesh object

    Mesh Objects

    Container for data that is replicated across devices
    Also a unit of permissioning

    Mesh (owned/controlled by user)

    This is the Mesh Resource Under it are:

    All the devices in the Mesh:
    A MeshDeviceResource represents a physical device claimed by a user.

    All the Applications in the Mesh:
    The ApplicationResource represents a provisioned and registered application entity in the application catalog. The ApplicationResource optionally contains a packaged form of the application binaries.

    All the mesh objects in the Mesh:
    A MeshObjectResource is the container for user-defined metadata. The MeshObjectResource is a fundamental unit of extensibility, sharing, and synchronization. The resource can be replicated across a set of devices and shared among a set of identities.

    All the News happening in the Mesh:
    NewsItemResource resources represent user news streams. A NewsItemResource is a collection of aggregated news items corresponding to the activities across the user’s MeshResource resources, spanning all federated storage service instances, members, and devices. Each news item is a unit of publication and subscription.

    All the events occurring in the Mesh:
    A NotificationQueueResource contains notifications associated with resources. A pointer to the notification queue is added as part of the subscription to a particular resource. Notification queues are polled by client applications to get updates on the resource.
  • Very usefull to LEARN + Debug
  • Winform/WPF/ASP.NET/MVC -> .NET 3.5 FX API library
    Silverlight -> Silverlight API
    3rd Party -> Javascript library

    Live Mesh Client = 3.5
    Live Mesh Destkop = Javascript
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