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Picture Book Month Prek-K


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Picture Book Month Prek-K

  1. 1. It’s November! Happy Picture Book Month! To celebrate, we challenge you to read as many picture books as you can this month and write down each title that you finish. On December 1st, bring your sheet back to the media center. We’ll be handing out certificates and bookmarks. We’ll also do a drawing for prizes!Name:________________________________ Teacher:__________________________________ 1. _________________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________________________________ (Earn a certificate) 6. _________________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________________ 10. _________________________________________________________________________ (Earn a bookmark & your name in a drawing for prizes) (Continue your list on the back)