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January 2011 report


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The January 2011 report of events and statistics for the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center.

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January 2011 report

  1. 1. <ul><li>Andy Plemmons, Media SpecialistSharon Rockholt, Media ParaprofessionalWebsite: http://barrowmediacenter.wordpress.comThe media center experienced an extremely busy month due to a snow storm that hit all of North Georgia. We missed one week of school and many lessons were combined or rescheduled. The media center hosted a showcase of 2nd grade ELT’s graphic novel unit. Students shared their graphic novels, blogs, and the process they went through to create them.The media center hosted the 4th grade Colonial American wax museum. Students had research colonial Americans in class and in the media center to prepare.The media center collaborated with Rita Foretich, art teacher, on poetry and photography with all 5th grade classes. Students took a photograph of themselves, edited the photo, explored multiple kinds of poems, and wrote a poem to accompany their pictures. Poetry will be typed and showcased in the media center in February or March.The PreK unit on weather and meteorologists wrapped up with the PreK students in Mrs. Hocking’s class filming their weather reports in the BTV room. All students were involved in either being the anchor, meteorologist, camera, producer, or cue card holder.5th grade kicked off a research unit called Bigger, Better, Faster. The media center created a pathfinder with resources for each topic that groups were focusing on. Students began researching and will soon begin creating digital projectsBattle of the Books 5th grade teams began practicing for the school competition and grades 3 & 4 kicked off their Battle of the Books reading.The Six Flags Read to Succeed program started. Students should read 6 hours outside of school to earn a ticket to Six Flags.Barrow Media Center -1146810-731520Program HighlightsMonthly ReportJanuary 20112nd grade students showcase their graphic novels4th grade students make lists of books to read in the future34709104107180Number of Media Center Patrons: 3,395Check Outs: 2,403 New Materials: 23 new itemsFacebook: 140 visits (note: some data was not emailed to me this month from Facebook)Blog Visits: 649Media Center Website: 2,487 visitsBlog Posts:Exemplary Open HousePreK Weather Forecasters4th Grade Wax MuseumPresenting Graphic NovelsWhat a Media Center Looks LikeStudent Book ReviewsPenny DreadfulYes We Can: Using Donors ChooseSharing Massive ContentDecember Monthly Report-1223010-1028700Data Snapshots4th grade students wrote letters to blind sculptor, Michael NaranjoPreK students record weather forecasts that they wrote259461029032202739390-762000-1101090-2095500Collaborative LessonsMo Willems author studyPreK-spurgeonPersuasive WritingAll 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gradeLaurel Snyder author studyAll grades in preparation for her Feb 24 visitMartin Luther KingAll K and 1stDigital Photography & PoetryArt-all 5th grade classes (3 sessions for each class)Bigger, Better, Faster: Our Changing Nation research projectAll 5th grade in multiple sessionsPreK Weather ForecastersPreK-HockingInformational WritingAll KBearsPreK-SpurgeonChinese New YearAll KRocksAll KPowerpoint4th grade ELTGroundhog DayAll KAudio recording letters4th grade Slongo (as part of Michael Naranjo unit).A Dad explores several students’ graphic novelsA 4th grade class uses laptops to explore Power PointA 4th grade class uses the media center for a reading lesson while almost 100 other students are using the media center for a work showcase1st grade students work on reading skills while 5th graders write scenariosParents enjoy reading graphic novels with students4194810392430013258805425440-8534404008120-1146810-1348740Barrow Media CenterMonthly ReportJanuary 2011