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Book builder form


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Use this form to support our Barrow Buddy Book Builder program and add more books to our school.

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Book builder form

  1. 1. Would you like to see even more books in the library? You can help us by joining the Barrow Buddy Book Builders. This program allows us to work as a community to purchase books for the Barrow Media Center and name them in honor or in memory of various people and events. I will maintain a list of titles that have met our district and school selection criteria. These titles will include teacher and student requests, award-winning books, books that match our school and district goals, and books that match our curriculum. The list will be kept in the media center. This program will run year-round, so feel free to join at any time. THIS FORM IS DUE BY August 27th for our September order. What does $20 provide for Barrow and you? A durable book that meets a need at our school and will provide education and enjoyment to Here is how it works: multitudes of students Fill out this form with your dedication and attach Prepares book for cataloging with a barcode $20 cash or a check payable to “Barrow Elementary” and card catalog info You, your child, or the media specialist will select a A label to place in the book with your book to purchase from the wish list dedication You will receive a receipt for your donation You will be included on a list of supporters of The book will be presented on BTV the Barrow Media Center Your child will be the first to checkout the book Then, the book will bring joy to many other students at Barrow Who could you dedicate a book to? In honor of a special friend, family, or family member In memory of a deceased loved one A special pet A gift for a teacher, principal, family member, birthday, etc. An organization Anything else you can think of. Be creative! Return this form to your child’s teacher with $20 cash or check payable to “Barrow Elementary” Child’s Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________ Teacher’s Name:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact info (phone/email):____________________________________________________________________________________ Who will choose the book from the wish list? (Choose One) Media Specialist can select the book:________ My child can select the book: ________ I will select the book: ___________ Dedication Message (Limit to this line): This book is dedicated…….. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________