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April 2011 report


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The April report of data from the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center

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April 2011 report

  1. 1. <ul><li>Multiple collaborative poetry projects were finished. One 4th grade class participated in a Joyce Sidman collaborative project, and their work will be featured before Sidman’s keynote speech at NCTE in the Fall.The 1st annual media center poetry contest had 156 entries. Two top poems were chosen in grades preK-1st , 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. Another 43 awards were given for outstanding poetry in a variety of categories.The UGA Athletic Association donated 12 poetry books to our collection and came to work with students in various grades on writing poetry for Poem In Your Pocket Day.3rd and 4th grade held their Battle of the Books competition in the media center.Our 5th grade Battle of the Books team won 1st place at the district competition against 13 other elementary schools. This is the 3rd year in a row that our team has placed 1st.Poem In Your Pocket Day was held on April 15th. Every class came to the media center to read original and favorite poetry into our open mic. For the first time, the event was broadcast live over the internet using Adobe Connect. We had parents, family members, media specialists, and other educators who joined us online and gave students feedback about their poetry. An additional reading session was held on April 18th to accommodate all classes in the school.Our media center blog exceeded 10,000 visits since its creation in 2008.The 4th grade began their annual author study of multiple authors that they will present to the 3rd grade to inspire summer reading.Andy Plemmons, Media SpecialistSharon Rockholt, Media ParaprofessionalWebsite: http://barrowmediacenter.wordpress.comBarrow Media Center -1146810-731520Program HighlightsMonthly ReportApril 2011Some of the many winners in our poetry contest!314896519202403143250-49530033528005326380Barrow Blog Posts:March Monthly ReportAutobiographical Poetry: 5th GradeBook Spine Poetry 2011Joyce Sidman Poetry StudyPreK Poets in ActionUGA Poetry SupportPoem In Your Pocket Day: LiveBattle of the Books 2011 District Champions2011 Poetry Contest WinnersPoem in Your Pocket Day 2011More Poem In Your Pocket Day 2011First Grade Botanists5th Grade Poetry Contest WinnersGLMA Blog Posts:Happy Poetry Month 2011Poem In Your Pocket Day LiveStudent Poetry WebcastsNumber of Media Center Patrons: 3,475Check Outs: 2,158 New Materials: 64 titlesFacebook visits: 233 visits and 197 “likes”Blog Visits: 1,449Media Center Website visits: 1,408-1223010-1028700Data SnapshotsPoem In Your Pocket Live BroadcastStudents loved getting involved with the computer.238125027279602807970-754380Photo Story Poetry1st grade BrewerShape PoetryK-Li, Boyle, CarneyShape & List PoetryPreK-SpurgeonJoyce Sidman Photo Story Project4th-SelleckBook Spine Poetry2nd-Brink, Yawn, Sitler4th-FreemanInvention Glogsters2nd-SpectrumList PoetryK-Em1st-Watson, Hart, StuckeyCommunity Helpers1st-WyattBook MakingK-all classes collaborative project with the art teacherAnimal PoetryK-Li & EmAuthor Study4th grade-all classesResponse to LiteratureK-Em & Li1st-Hart, Stuckey2nd-BrinkButterflies1st-SpectrumThe media center also supported CRCT and benchmark testing for 2 weeks.Collaborative Lessons-1101090-2095500Poetry Projects in and out of the library!-72771039624004343400413766013449305196840918210-45720-1146810-1348740Barrow Media CenterMonthly ReportApril 2011