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#PhotoVino	     Email	  or	  tweet	  a	  photo	  of	  your	  favourite	  wine	  and	  we’ll	  deliver	  you	      two	  bo...
We	  need	  a	  Montage!	  •    Lewis	  •    Kris8an	  •    Barry	  •    Howard	  •    Alexander	  •    Daniele	  •    Ste...
Ini8al	  Problem	  Solu8on	  
People	  take	  photos	  of	  wine	  they	  like	  
People	  will	  buy	  wine	  they	  take	  photos	  of	  
Prove	  people	  will	  buy	  	  using	  Bespoke	  Landing	  Pages	  
Get	  out	  of	  the	  building!	  
Monitor	  Data	  
Pivot	  on	  Customer	  hypothesis	  	  
Pivot	  on	  Customer	  hypothesis	  	  
Customer	  Request	  
Customer	  Response	  
Phone	  Interview	  With	  User	  •  Did	  not	  buy	       –  Didn’t	  want	  to	  purchase	  on	  her	  phone	       –  ...
First	  Sale!!	  
Conclusions	  and	  Next	  Steps	  •  £12.70	  generated	  in	  revenue	     –  Validated	  the	  problem	  •  Validated	 ...
Final	  Assump8ons,	  Tests	  and	  Learnings	  
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Email or tweet a photo of your favourite wine and we'll deliver you two bottles in two days time

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  1. 1. #PhotoVino   Email  or  tweet  a  photo  of  your  favourite  wine  and  we’ll  deliver  you   two  bo6les  in  two  days  8me  
  2. 2. We  need  a  Montage!  •  Lewis  •  Kris8an  •  Barry  •  Howard  •  Alexander  •  Daniele  •  Steve    
  3. 3. Ini8al  Problem  Solu8on  
  4. 4. People  take  photos  of  wine  they  like  
  5. 5. People  will  buy  wine  they  take  photos  of  
  6. 6. Prove  people  will  buy    using  Bespoke  Landing  Pages  
  7. 7. Get  out  of  the  building!  
  8. 8. Monitor  Data  
  9. 9. Pivot  on  Customer  hypothesis    
  10. 10. Pivot  on  Customer  hypothesis    
  11. 11. Customer  Request  
  12. 12. Customer  Response  
  13. 13. Phone  Interview  With  User  •  Did  not  buy   –  Didn’t  want  to  purchase  on  her  phone   –  £30  bo6le  of  wine   –  Didn’t  have  an  occasion  •  Behavior   –  Had  the  photo  on  her  phone     –  Wanted  to  find  the  wine  in  the  UK  •  Future  development   –  Social  sharing   –  Documen8ng  wine   –  Further  informa8on  about  the  wine  
  14. 14. First  Sale!!  
  15. 15. Conclusions  and  Next  Steps  •  £12.70  generated  in  revenue   –  Validated  the  problem  •  Validated  two  customer  acquisiCon  channels   –  Passive  and  AcCve  •  Further  moneCzaCon  model  exploraCon   needed  
  16. 16. Final  Assump8ons,  Tests  and  Learnings