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Want to make noise or be heard?


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Want to make noise or be heard?

  1. WANT TOMAKENOISEor be heard?Effective strategiesfor marketing totoday’s connectedcustomers.
  2. Identify the questions.
  3. Identify the questions. Ready to create content? Not so fast. Gather insights about the needs of your market with online listening tools: ‣ Google alerts ‣ Q&A sites ‣ Feeds ‣ Industry influencers ‣ Social media monitoring ‣ LinkedIn Groups ‣ Surveys & research
  4. Publish answers.
  5. Publish answers. Teach, don’t preach. You don’t push product. You pull. ‣ Keyword strategy ‣ Targeted content ‣ Frequent blogging ‣ Online channels ‣ Social media ‣ Free offers
  6. Gather contacts.3
  7. Gather contacts.3 Don’t ask for money. Ask for ID. Redefine what conversion means. ‣ Landing page ‣ One specific offer ‣ Request email ‣ Deliver instantly ‣ Qualify interest level
  8. Nurture.4
  9. Nurture.4 Continue to deliver help. Provide free advice and share your expertise. ‣ eNewsletters ‣ Webinars ‣ Podcasts & video ‣ Demonstrations ‣ Forums
  10. Ask for something small.
  11. Ask for something small. Turn prospects to customers. Reduce or remove risk. ‣ Try/buy plans ‣ Subscriptions ‣ Pay per use ‣ Options ‣ Guarantees
  12. Help customers buy.
  13. Help customers buy. Selling redefined. Focus on helping the customer buy smart. ‣ Offer tiered choices ‣ Packages ‣ A la carte menu ‣ Customer communities or forums
  14. Help customers sell.
  15. Help customers sell. Increase sales and lower the cost of sales. Foster referral sales with word of mouse. ‣ Social media ‣ Testimonials ‣ Case studies ‣ Reviews ‣ Loyalty programs ‣ Rewards
  17. I’M READY TO HELP YOUNOW One source for: ‣ Online marketing planning ‣ Content strategy ‣ Content creation ‣ Websites & blogs ‣ Lead capture & nurturing ‣ Customer advocacy
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