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Content Marketing Hall of Shame


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The inaugural class of the content marketing hall of shame -- inducted by seven marketing leaders -- and presented by Feldman Creative.

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Content Marketing Hall of Shame

  3. “A major mistake involves too much‘me, me, me.’ Marketers like to talkabout themselves first. But if we thinklike publishers and focus on the reader’sneeds, we have a better opportunity todeliver quality information. Remember, our customers don’t careabout us, they care about themselves.” “JUNTA” JOE PULIZZI • Co-author of GET CONTENT GET CUSTOMERS & MANAGING CONTENT MARKETING • Speaker, blogger, Founder of the  CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE
  4. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAMEThe Narcissist Too much ‘me, me, me’
  5. “A common mistake is not understandingour target audience’s pain points:simple surveys using free tools likeSurvey-Monkey or Zoomerang canprovide quick and easy access to aprioritized list of prospect pain points.” MICHAEL BRENNER • Senior director of global marketing SAP • Co-founder BUSINESS 2 COMMUNITY • Blog author at B2B MARKETING INSIDER
  6. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAME The AssumerDoesn’t work to understanding the audience’s pain points
  7. “The most common mistake is anunwillingness to think like a consumerand then write stuff consumers reallycare about. My motto is simple when itcomes to content marketing: if they’rethinking it, we should be addressing it…We can’t bury our head in the sand. Weneed to address subjects (like pricing,for example) head on.” MARCUS SHERIDAN • Founder of THE SALES LION • Speaker, trainer, blogger & author • Partner at RIVER POOLS AND SPAS
  8. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAMEThe Hearing Impaired Isn’t listening to the customer
  9. “Selling rather than helping…You should try to imagine whypeople would want to read, listen to,or view the content you are creating.What is in it for them? Companiesthat inform or guide potentialcustomers are the companiesthat are winning online.” ARNIE KUENN • President at VERTICAL MEASURES • Author of ACCELERATE
  10. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAMEThe PitchmanConfuses content marketing with advertising
  11. “One of the biggest content marketingmistakes is to jump in and start creatingcontent. You must first set marketinggoals for your content that are alignedwith your business objectives,understand your target audienceincluding what types of content theylike and where they look for content,and develop appropriate contentmarketing metrics.” HEIDI COHEN • President at RIVERSIDE MARKETING STRATEGIES • Blogger at ClickZ • Actionable marketing expert at HEIDICOHEN.COM
  12. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAMEThe AimlessRather not bother with marketing goals
  13. “One of the biggest mistakes is toassume that content marketing is onlyfor the top part of the funnel — thebeing found and generating leads part. Content marketing is more holistic thanthat and should ultimately be developedas a process that engages the consumerthrough every stage of the funnel — allthe way through engaging them as asubscriber AFTER they’ve becomecustomers.” ROBERT ROSE • Chief troublemaker at BIG BLUE MOOSE • Co-author of MANAGING CONTENT MARKETING
  14. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAMEThe Beginner Fails to engage consumers at every stage
  15. “One of the most overlooked issues is alack of social sharing options. For yourblog, this involves the big four: Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. SimplyGoogle the social network in question andadd the word “button” and you’ll likelyfind the code to embed it on yoursite. Really smart marketers have figuredout how to put social sharing directlyinside of PDF files, too.” MICHAEL STELZNER • CEO and founder at SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER • Author of LAUNCH
  16. WELCOME TO THE CONTENT MARKETING HALL OF SHAMEThe Field of Dreamer Thinks if you create it, they will come
  17. SPECIAL THANKS TO ORIGINAL PUBLISHERS OF☛ Lessons from the Content Marketing Hall of Shame By BARRY FELDMAN
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