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61 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros


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The best minds in social media deliver concise tips on social media including insights for each leading channel.

Published in: Marketing
  • Smart insights on the best methods to get the most out of each social platform, as what works on one may not be optimal for another.
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61 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

  2. EVER WISH YOU HAD THE BEST MINDS IN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ON SPEED DIAL? Now you can... Kind of! Wouldn't it be great to chat with Jeff Bullas or Mark Schaefer and pick their brains about the newest trends, tips and tools in social media? Whether you want to improve your social media marketing, bring your brand to YouTube or Snapchat, or stay up to date with the newest social media marketing tips and tools, 61 of the industry's best and brightest have given their top social media tip that you can access again and again.
  3. GENERAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TIPS Measure everything on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. @erikjfisher Build real friendships with people on social. @ErenMckay Leaders need to be themselves on social media. @Soffi_Propp
  4. FACEBOOK MARKETING TIPS Use #Facebook ads to increase the visibility of your posts. @larrykim All #Facebook posts should be either Images or Video. @mike_allton Start using Facebook Live video. @GuyKawasaki
  5. Check out successful YouTube channels and imitate what they are doing. @joshrimer Start your #YouTube campaign by making a list of 100 potential video titles. @owenhemsath Pre-roll YouTube ads using remarketing lists. @edleake of online marketers use video content YOUTUBE MARKETING TIPS 87%
  6. Instead of sticking to the 140 characters, hit the camera icon and record a short video. You will build relationships quicker and STAND OUT in the crowd. @andrewandpete Gain more highly engaged followers on Twitter by utilising Twitter chats. Get involved in a popular chat like #semrushchat and then connect with the other participants. @Sam___Hurley TWITTER MARKETING TIPS Don’t use auto dms. Automation has its place but twitter is all about building relationships so engage! Behind every Twitter handle is a human being! @TweetingGoddess
  7. Use a trackable link in your Instagram profile to monitor your conversions. @jenns_trends INSTAGRAM MARKETING TIPS Use Instagram Stories to expand on your posts. @sociallysorted Include a call to action in your Instagram bio. @suebzimmerman Find out who your Instagram audience is & create a theme with them in mind. @misssarahq
  8. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS Several images on Pinterest per post will drive more eyeballs. @alisammeredith of Pinterest users use the platform to plan purchases.. 93% Embed your Pin in your blog sidebar to gain more traffic. @Louise_Myers Test Pinterest to see what works for you. @coffeeandcrayon Figure out what keywords you want to rank high on in Pinterest. @acadizbennett
  9. LinkedIn Marketing Tips Over 80% of all social driven B2B leads are from LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to increase your visibility on Google. @swisschris Know the theme of your story on LinkedIn. @jeffkorhan Repurpose your content into visually interesting slide decks. @feldmancreative Create a client-facing LinkedIn profile. @JohnNemoPR
  10. SNAPCHAT MARKETING TIPS C O M P A N Y . C O M Create a consistent posting schedule & advertise it. Let your audience know when you’re on Snapchat & what they can expect to see at those times. @owenhemsath It’s vital that you get front of screen to allow your fans to get to know you some more. Personalization is hot right now in social media as we try to avoid ‘salesy’ copy & call to actions. Simply be yourself & shine on Snapchat. @tweetsbyjsb Be a real human being on Snapchat. When you log on to Snapchat, do your best to be the exact same human being that you are day in & day out with the other people in your life. @TheEricaBlair Your stories should have a beginning, middle & end. Tell a story that is authentic to you & organic to the app. There’s a story waiting to be told behind even the most monotonous of tasks, make Snapchat your tool for telling it. @tristantales
  11. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TAKEAWAYS Be yourself Be social with your audience Start utilizing social advertising Begin creating video content Find the social tools that are most productive for you
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