13 Ways Content Marketers Miss the Mark


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13 Ways Content Marketers Miss the Mark

  1. waysContent Marketers Miss the Mark 13+ +
  2. accessResearch reveals readers’ #1 peeve is “too many requirements to download.” Make sure your content is easy to find and get and your website is easy to navigate. 1
  3. trustContent marketing now faces the same scrutiny and skepticism of traditional advertising. The only way to engage prospects and gain their trust is to be genuinely helpful. 2
  4. depth Content consumers want breadth and depth. Skim the surface with information they can get elsewhere and you’ve lost them. 3
  5. clarityIs your content 100% clear 100% of the time? Understandability and readability are major factors that will affect the success of your content. 4
  6. originalityContent seekers value original thinking. Offer it. Too few companies have well-conceived, customer- centric themes with strong and original content. 5
  7. timelinessThere’s value in offering timeless lessons, but timely insights score points with content consumers. Stay on top of your market and be nimble enough to report on what’s going on now. 6
  8. production Too few companies have the partnerships, capabilities, and effective delivery networks to consistently perform well. Examine your people and platforms and invest in your content production capabilities. 7
  9. personalization Content must be personalized to increase consumption and inspire influence and action. Having the ability to get specific information to the right decision maker on a just-in-time basis is a weapon few possess. 8
  10. engagement Leading content marketers are using customer discovery groups focused on staying in touch with customers. You need to understand who needs what— and when. Put in the effort. 9
  11. process A rigorous and strategic process for researching the market, generating ideas, developing compelling content across a variety of media is deficient in many organizations. 10
  12. integration Ineffective marketers fail to integrate people, processes and technology. Enlist sales and support to work with the marketing professionals to map effective customer journeys. 11
  13. focus Self-serving and promotional content turns off buyers. Focus on the customer by offering educational, entertaining and inspiring content. customer 12
  14. measurement Do not perform random acts of content. Plan and refine continuously. Use analytics and reliable tracking tools to gather the data that informs the your strategies and tactics. 13
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  16. visit Research from CMO Council’s “Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field”