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Hiring Mistake #2 - NOT Peeling the Onion Leads to Hiring Failure


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One of the weakest skills managers and executives possess is the ability to evaluate and measure candidates with interview questions to determine can they achieve the desired expectations, performance, success, results, and outcomes.

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Hiring Mistake #2 - NOT Peeling the Onion Leads to Hiring Failure

  1. 1. 2 Elements for Effective Interviewing Ask the Right Questions Validate the Truth
  2. 2. Traditional/Tribal Interviewing: 20 Standard, Stupid, Canned Questions Where did you learn to ask these questions? From your interview 14 years ago OR from previous generations
  3. 3. Same Success in using Traditional/Tribal Interviewing Questions As we would get if we just threw darts at resumes
  4. 4. Simple Interview Questions Yields Accuracy
  5. 5. Flawless Execution: Completing Tasks and Projects
  6. 6. Leadership
  7. 7. Adaptability Can the Candidate Adapt to Your Unique Environment and Culture?
  8. 8. Superficial Interviewing Getting to the Truth in Candidate Answers
  9. 9. • Ask Probing Questions Magnifying Glass Approach To Interviewing Probe Probe Probe
  10. 10. Be a Detective Keep Getting Examples Keep Digging for Specifics Keep Probing for Validation
  11. 11. Next Steps 1. Email Me to Get the Free Chapter On Interviewing From our Book: “You’re NOT the Person I Hired” 2. Email Me to Get a FREE Assessment of your Hiring Process: “15 Minute Hiring Assessment - Can You Hire Top Talent?” 3. Consider Training All Your Hiring Managers in How to Effectively Interview for Great Employees Barry Deutsch IMPACT Hiring Solutions