Teaching Technology Myths & Realities CIT 2009


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Clicker slides from my presentation at League for Innovation in Community Colleges - Conference on Information Technology (CIT) - October 2009 in Detroit, Michigan

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  • Original photo by –Chad_Johnson (Flickr CC)
  • Creativity, in education, is as important as literacy, and should be treated with the same status. (SKR)
    If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.
    By the time children become adults, they have become frightened of being wrong.
    In our education systems, mistakes are the worst things you can make.
    We are educating people out of their creative capacities.
    Picasso once said that all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.
    We don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it, or rather, we are educated out of it.
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  • Teaching Technology Myths & Realities CIT 2009

    1. 1. Teaching with Technology Myths and Realities Barry Dahl Lake Superior College
    2. 2. ITC eLearning 2010 February 20-23 Fort Worth Omni Hotel More info at itcnetwork.org
    3. 3. Clicker Time Practice Question Famous Quotes from Famous People
    4. 4. Famous Quotes #1 • P.T. Barnum once said: • “There’s a sucker born every minute.” • (Or did he?)
    5. 5. Famous Quotes #2 • Mark Twain once said: • “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” • (Or did he?)
    6. 6. Famous Quotes #3 • Sigmund Freud once said: • “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” • (Or did he?)
    7. 7. Myths and Realities of Teaching with Technology For each of these, just pick a side. No middle ground allowed. Which do you think is most true?
    8. 8. Net Generation
    9. 9. Next Generation
    10. 10. Nexters
    11. 11. Texters
    12. 12. Generation Y
    13. 13. Generation Why
    14. 14. Millennials
    15. 15. Digital Natives
    16. 16. Generation Now
    17. 17. iGeneration
    18. 18. Echo Boomers
    19. 19. Google Generation
    20. 20. Nintendo Generation
    21. 21. Trophy Generation
    22. 22. Screenagers
    23. 23. That’s Crazy talk. Let’s consolidate.
    24. 24. Digital Net-Gennials
    25. 25. They have very few technology skills that we expect them to use in higher education. Whose problem is that?
    26. 26. Name this Device
    27. 27. About Those Digital Net-Gens • Are students of today technologically competent, or just confident? • Having no fear is not the same as having knowledge or skill.
    28. 28. Which Digital Divide?
    29. 29. Source: Stanford
    30. 30. Not this kind of entertainment
    31. 31. More like a Tupperware Party
    32. 32. Pull out your cell phones. Send short text message to 99503 Poll Everywhere
    33. 33. Which is closer to your position on students having cell phones in schools? • Ban them! They are a complete distraction and detract from learning. • Use them! They are powerful devices that can be used for learning. Choices:
    34. 34. Time to learn new things
    35. 35. I Don’t Have the Time • Since when is it okay for a teacher to stop learning? • Are you sure that all the things you do now are more valuable than learning new things? • What if the new things make you better, or more efficient, or more effective?
    36. 36. Faculty are embracing the concept of shareable learning objects. Reality M yth 79% 21% 1.Reality 2.Myth
    37. 37. Learning Objects? • Define SCORM. • What is a SCO? • Name 3 different ways that an LOR can be used effectively. • Huh? What’s an LOR?
    38. 38. Barry Dahl Lake Superior College barrydahl.com desire2blog.blogspot.com barrydahl@gmail.com