MOOC Mania at ROCC Summer Academy


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  • Raise your hand if you haven’t heard about the MOOC.Nothing has been as hyped in 2012 as the MOOC. Most of that hype has again come from the media who are hailing this as the educational revolution that will change everything going forward. I certainly hope not. That doesn’t mean that I don’t see a place for MOOCs going forward – but I definitely don’t think that MOOCs will take over education – nor should they.All of the education press outlets (Chronicle, Inside Higher Ed, etc.) and many mainstream (NYT, HuffPost, etc.) have reported heavily on the MOOC developments. Do you know the difference between a cMOOC and an xMOOC? Do you know where MOOCs got their start, what their history is and how long it is?
  • Desire2Learn was recently one of the sponsoring organizations for a MOOC titled the Current and Gfuture State of Higher Education (#CFHE12). This was a cMOOC or Connectivism MOOC. George Siemens, Stephen Downes, and I were the principal “faculty” for the course. We used a customized instance of the learning environment for this 6 week course that ended in mid-November.One of the tenants of a cMOOC is how they define “open.” Their concept of open is that anyone in the world can view the course – meaning the course content, the discussions, etc. Therefore, we needed to open up the learning environment for this type of viewing. That was accomplished through Guest User roles where someone visiting the course site was automatically logged in as a guest and had full viewing privileges. In order to post in the course, a person did have to be enrolled in the course and they had to authenticate into their individual account in the learning environment.
  • MOOC Mania at ROCC Summer Academy

    1. 1. MOOC Mania Barry Dahl Senior Community Manager
    2. 2. Name that Dude!
    3. 3. Mookie!! Name that Dude!
    4. 4. MOO But bulls don’t say moo. Correct, they say…
    5. 5. MOOC
    6. 6. Conventional Wisdom • MOOCs are disrupting higher education.
    7. 7. Conventional Wisdom in 1997 • With online courses as an option, why would students take my accounting class instead of taking it from Harvard or from the best accounting instructor in the world?
    8. 8. Conventional Wisdom 1998-2012 • Even online students mostly shop locally or regionally. There is no reason to fear losing your students to someone else – unless you are not offering what they want/need.
    9. 9. Conventional Wisdom in 2013 • With free online courses as an option, why would students take my accounting class instead of taking it from Harvard or from the best accounting instructor in the world? The conversation has come full circle, again.
    10. 10. Are MOOCs Disruptive?
    11. 11. Are These Things Disruptive? • 7% Completion rate (Coursera Software Engineering – 2/12) • No interaction with faculty • Impersonal feedback via auto-grading • No technical support • An acronym that means anything you want it to
    12. 12. Is This Disruptive? At Stanford, “I normally teach 400 students.” In the MOOC, he “taught” 100,000 students.
    13. 13. Is This Disruptive?
    14. 14. Is This Disruptive? • $134 per credit – less than $7,000 total cost It sure could be. Stay tuned!
    15. 15. A Few Questions • How are MOOCs changing the nature of student learning? • How are MOOCs changing the nature of faculty work? • How are MOOCs changing the principles of good instructional design?
    16. 16. A Few More Questions • How do we assure quality, or do we care? • How will the accreditors react to MOOC Mania? • What can we learn from MOOC analytics?
    17. 17. The First D2L MOOC • Current/Future State of Higher Education • Fall 2012 • George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Barry Dahl
    18. 18. MOOC Massive Open Online Courses View it at
    19. 19. Desire2Learn Open Courses (contact your account manager) Free MOOC Platform for D2L Clients
    20. 20. Math MOOC – U Wisconsin La Crosse
    21. 21. Fanshawe College on D2L Open Courses
    22. 22. Michigan State University
    23. 23. Lots of MOOC Links