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MCCVLC Webinar - Good Practices in Online Delivery of Developmental Ed

Barry's Dahl's slides used during webinar about online developmental courses. Nov. 17, 2001

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MCCVLC Webinar - Good Practices in Online Delivery of Developmental Ed

  1. 1. Good Practices in the Online Delivery ofDevelopmental Education
  2. 2. Barry Dahl dot com
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Upcoming MCCVLC Webinars• Dec. 8 - Measuring Student Satisfaction with Online Learning• Jan. 19 - Evaluating Performance of Online Faculty• Feb. 9 - Student Preparedness for Online Learning
  5. 5. What I learned from Twitter
  6. 6. Online Courses andDevelopmental EducationData from Lake Superior College 2009-2010 Academic Year
  7. 7. “Best Practices”• NCDE Director, Dr. • During Q & A, he Hunter Boylan was asked to share• Keynote speech: examples of good “Best Practices in practice in offering Developmental developmental Education.” courses via online delivery.
  8. 8. His Response?“There aren’t any!”
  9. 9. He ContinuedHe went on to say that thecompletion rates (or success rates)in online developmental courses“are abysmal. Way below therates for on-ground courses. ”
  10. 10. #1: Reality or Myth? Developmental Courses Cannot be Effectively Taught Online0% 1.Reality0% 2.Myth
  11. 11. Case Study – Lake Superior College• Developmental Math Sequence – 3 courses – First taught online during Fall 2002 – As of Spring 2010, a total of 91 online sections have been taught.• Developmental Writing Sequence – 2 courses – First taught Spring 2004, now 23 sections• Developmental Reading Sequence – 2 courses – First taught Spring 2005, now 17 sections
  12. 12. AY 2010 Student Completion Results• 510 students enrolled in online sections• 2,226 students enrolled in on-ground sections• Course withdrawal rates were identical at 15.7% for both groups.
  13. 13. Grades Earned30% LSC Developmental Courses - 2009-201025%20%15%10%5%0% A B C D F FN W Online On-ground
  14. 14. Passing Grades in These Courses Passing Grades in Developmental Courses 67.5% 70% 66.8% 65% 62.3% 60.4% 60% 55% 50% C or better D or better2009-2010 Online On-ground
  15. 15. AY 2010 Results• More A’s were given in online courses: – 25.1% online – 21.3% on-ground• More F’s were given in on-ground courses: – 17.5% on-ground – 16.8% online• GPA in these courses: – 2.37 for online – 2.31 for on-ground.
  16. 16. My RetortCompletion rates (or successrates) in online developmentalcourses “are no more abysmalthan and NOT way below the ratesfor on-ground courses. ”
  17. 17. LSC – 3 yrs – Developmental Courses Passing Grades: A,B,C 67.8%68%66% 60.9%64% 58.5%62%60%58%56%54%52% Online Day Night
  18. 18. Developmental Writing• Kirsi Halonen• Lake Superior College• Native of Finland• Teaches only online courses• Taught Developmental Writing I & II online since 2005.
  19. 19. Kirsi’s Experience• Biggest issues for online students in developmental classes: – Time management (many work full-time) – Personal issues • Relationship troubles • Mental health issues • Substance abuse• Not a big issue: computer skills• Tutorial videos (how-tos) are a big help
  20. 20. Students New to Online• Contacts all students via email at least one week before class starts• Works to set clear expectations during week one (both hers and theirs)• Live synchronous session is required during 1st two weeks – introductions and course functions.• Heavy use of Jing recordings
  21. 21. Keeping Students on Track• Has several due dates every week (3) – Longer gaps cause them to disengage – More activity = more consistent writing practice• Personal connection is key: – She participates actively in discussions – Requires replies to other student posts – Replies quickly to requests for assistance• Miss 2 assignments in a row? Early alert to advisor.
  22. 22. Improving Writing Skills• She sets high expectations. Discussion posts lose points even for minor errors.• Provides examples of major writing assignments.• Provides grading criteria and has student groups grade sample paragraphs.• Heavy use of practice quizzes to reinforce writing concepts.
  23. 23. Improving Writing Skills (cont.)• Uses process approach: outlining >> drafting >> revising >> getting the grade>> revising• Multiple feedback avenues available: – Classmates in peer review – Student mentor – Smarthinking online tutoring• Most writing are posted for classmates to read – motivates students to do better job
  24. 24. Discussion TimeOnline Courses and Developmental Education