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Weekly newsletter 130304


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Weekly nesletter for Rotary club Parramatta City for 04/03/2013

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Weekly newsletter 130304

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY 3/03/13 MEETING      4/03/13  NORMAL + CALIBRI, 10.5 PT March is Magazine Month International Toast:  To Rotary International  Pres John welcomed our visitors  ROTARY Natalie Cowell  Mortgage broker with Money Quest working from home  in North  DISTRICT PEACE Parramatta.  COMMUNITIES   PROGRAM Malcolm Brown  40 years as a journalist at Sydney Morning Herald – forced retirement.  (RDPCP) The Rotary District Peace ‘Swan Song’ walk to Dubbo.  Communities program comprises two Focused on Azaria Chamberlain case for 30 years.  parallel initiatives: Covered Gulf War and Afghanistan.  1. Peace communities. The idea of   Peace Communities was initiated in district 9700 in 1992 and later Trevor Smolinski. from Analitix  embraced by many overseas Rotary Rotary IT ‐ on site at RDU office, building member database.  Districts and Clubs. “Peace Cities” were designated in New Zealand,  Japan, Philippines, Canada, South Africa, USA, Namibia, Zambia, France,Guest Speaker   Mr James Bird,  Mercy Ships  Israel, India, Mauritius, Northern Marianas, Argentina and Yugoslavia.   In these countries, Rotarians committed to furthering Peace in thePresident’s Report for the meeting 25.02.2013  world, set up Peace symbols on suitable sites where Rotarians and   local citizens could meet on special February is World Understanding Month and celebrating Rotary’s 108th  days such as Rotary’s World Understanding Day, and to celebrateAnniversary  Rotary’s birthday on 23rd February.   On these days, awards are made to Last Saturday, a few of our members celebrated Rotary’s 108th Anniversary  local citizens, students, schools and local organizations for theirat the House of Ginger Restaurant.  We had John Totonjian, Barry and Megan,  contribution to Peace inaction withinDavid and Karen, Ron and Mary, John and Nancy, Julie, Keith and myself.  We  the community.shared also our day’s act of kindness which DGE Barry Antees requested all club  2. Peace Projects. The second focusmembers to do for the day.  of the Peace Communities Program is on activating partnerships between   Rotary Clubs and local civic authorities I understand that John Surian has been in contact with the Parramatta Local  and organizations (e.g. Departments of Education, Health, Police). TheArea Command to start the ball rolling for the Police Officer of the Year Award.  purpose is to focus on the concept of   Peace as it is applied in practical ways at the grass roots in local Message from John Hewko regarding Rotary’s Foundation work.  The annual  communities. Rotary Clubs arereport for 2011‐2012 is on hand and can be viewed on Rotary Foundation’s  encouraged to initiate peace in action Projects involving partnerships withwebsite.  I will forward the email from John Hewko which contains the link.  community groups (e.g. creating a   garden for dementia patients, I have been approached by Pauline Walsh from Rotary Bowel Care Program  supporting Aboriginal conciliation activities, conducting a program forfor 2013 to find out whether our club is going to participate in the program.  The  disadvantaged teens).official dates for the program are 4 May to 1 June 2013.  Kits can be collected on  Rotary Peace projects are those which19 and 20 April 2013.    successfully make a difference in the   lives of individuals and groups and so contribute to Peace within the community. Rotary Peace Projects
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta City DG Keith Roffey has advised that he is working on setting up another E‐club with Amanda Woods.  Please keep in mind that we can refer former Rotarians to join the E‐Club.    DG Keith Roffey in his weekly newsletter has requested us to be on the lookout for applicants to the Peace Forum to be held in Hiroshima, Japan.  If you know of any worthy young adult who would be interested, please let me know and we can forward and recommend his application.    ROTARY On behalf of the members of the Club, I would like to congratulate Mr  DISTRICT PEACEGraham Wilson, our new DGN.  Graham is a member of Mt Druitt club and was  COMMUNITIESsuccessful in his application for the position of District Governor 2015‐2016.  We wish him all the best in his endeavours.  PROGRAM   (RDPCP) The Sydney 2014 Rotary Convention Host Organising Committee made a  Cont.great impact in the Rotary International Assembly promoting the Convention for  Rotary Peace Projects are presented2014 in Sydney.  We need to be behind the event and call for volunteers are out  by Rotary Clubs and recognized asalready.  If you are planning to volunteer, please log onto the website  community “Peace Initiatives” at the District Conference and they and click on the volunteer tab.  Otherwise you can  publicized as such in the Barry Philps at or Marilyn Mercer at  The Rotary Club of Wagga  Volunteers are needed to meet and greet Rotarians at  Kooringal has prepared athe airport, hotels, transport hubs and the convention venue.  Please consider  comprehensive Peace Communities Kit to assist Rotary Clubs and Districtsvolunteering for this great event in 2014.  in Australia and overseas to develop a   successful Peace Communities Program. The kit contains examples of Our last District Conference (District 9690) will be held in March, 2013.  DGN  Peace monuments and plaques thatBarry Antees has circulated an email seeking club members to attend this  have been erected in Australian andconference.  This will also assist each member to gain valuable information on  overseas “Peace Cities” by Rotary to proclaim the importance of Peace inwhat our club has to do to assist DGN Barry Antees’ District Conference.  Again, I  their own community. The kit alsowould urge all members to make an effort to attend the District Conference this  contains examples and suggestions about Peace Projects that Rotaryyear.  Please advise John Totonjian of your intention or log on to  Clubs can undertake in partnership  with other groups in their own local community.   For the new board members, please diarize 14 April 2013 (Sunday) as this is  The Rotary Districts Peace Communities Program presents anthe Rotary District Assembly.  For new board members, this is a training day so  excellent opportunity for Rotary tothat you can prepare for your role in the coming year.  Venue is to be advised at  promote its image in Australia, and in overseas countries. It provides ana later date.  incentive for Rotary Clubs to engage in    Peace Projects within their own communities and for Districts toREPORTS  recognize these Projects as  contributing to Peace in the community. RYPEN  Phillip Brophy Looking for nominees from local High Schools in 230places. Parramatta City can sponsor up to 4 students with leadershipqualities. For further information contact:  PDG Fred Loneragan  P.O. Box 100 Urinquinty 2652 Phone 02 69229624 •BARRY ANTEES  Mob 0413277609 RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS Email last week – Random Acts of Kindness to be referred. Thanks to Vandana for the ambience, food and staff.        
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City DISTRICT UPCOMING EVENTS      • 14th April ‐ District Assembly; for all incoming board members.    • 1st March Charity Golf day Australian Rotary Health-     • District Governor – fundraising for Children’s Hospital Legacy project;      LAST WEEK’S GUEST SPEAKER   James Bird  Retired executive formerly at Coca Cola Amatil;   Now, leading ‘Mercy Ships’ organisation.  • founded by John Stephens (from Texas)  o had charge of a group of children when a hurricane hit the coast of Texas  o idea born to have ships that could be deployed in emergency areas – suggested by an 8 year  old girl  o mentioned idea to a Swiss business man who, as it turned out, owned a shipping line  o bought a ship for $1m and, after spending $15m to fit it out, it operated as a hospital/clinic off  the coast of West Africa for 40 years  o eventually passed it’s ‘use by date’ and a new ship was needed – a project that was supported  by Tony Blair, British PM.  • International board manages an annual budget of $40m p.a.  • In 2012 an endowment offered by Rotary.  • Sierra Leone/West Africa – run by war‐lords, and where the slave trade is still active  • new ship – formerly a Norwegian Vehicle Ferry but didn’t have enough money to refit  o funded by Anne (?) – Scottish millionaire – up to £6.0m  o fit‐out as modern hospital cost US$50m  o 5 years to fit‐out – crew 450 volunteers (with 40 Australians).   • Africa Mercy – full medical hospital  • Caribbean Mercy – full dental facilities  • need $52m to deploy new ship,   • one commissioned in China for $150m  • concept of ‘developing nations’ is a myth – things are getting worse  • Australia is no.2 to Norway in standard of living.   • Mercy Ships operate at invitation of nations  • Garry Parker, surgeon, has been a volunteer for 43 years.  • Full school on board, also Starbucks (by donation), computers (donated by Bill gates & Gates  Foundation).     TRANSFER MEETING Monday 18th March    We have  transferred our meeting to join Holroyd Club at the Oxford Room at the Merrylands Bowling Club, cnr Oxford   and Newman Streets, Merrylands. 6.30pm for 7pm for dinner and the presentation by the inbound GSE team from   Sweden. Dinner fees are $22 for a two course meal including tea and coffee.  Drinks at club prices. We need numbers ASAP. 
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta City RYPEN Rotary Youth Program of EnrichmentTHE LAST RYPEN CAMP FOR DISTRICT 9690 IS ON 17TH TO 19TH May 2013, at Blue GumLodge Springwood, This camp starts at: 12.00 noon Friday for lunch and goes through to2.30pm Sunday. START GETTING YOUR STUDENTS NOW, WE HAVE SCHOOL HOLIDAYSIN BETWEEN NOW, AND THE NEXT CAMP, SO CONTACT YOUR YEAR 8/9/10 SCHOOLADVISORS.THE CLOSING DATE IS: Friday 17th April Rotarians are invited to the Saturday night dinner at a cost of $20.oo per person and theSunday lunch at $10 per head; but we must have numbers by Friday 3rd May 2013.Any Rotarian or Exchange student is welcome to come at anytime over the weekend come andsee what goes on over the weekend.If you have any questions contact Dave Clark 0414364812m Web site you would like more information please contact John T. CALENDAR OF EVENTS  March 2013 4   Les Miller.  Critical illness  a living insurance 11   Fran Killoway The Frasil technology 15‐17 District Conference 18    Transfer Evening Meeting Holroyd Club.    25   Susanne Gallant Parramatta Rotary Club.  April 2013 1 Easter Monday NO MEETING8 Lyndsey Macnaught RYLA Candidate  ALL APOLOGIES AND SPECIAL GUESTS  Apologies to Joy Gillette on 8837 1900 before 9.30am Monday morning. The latest time for apologies to be made is 9.30am on Monday as that is the time Joy has to advise the hotel of numbers.   The Club is required to pay for the number of lunches ordered. Invoices for the cost of a meal will be sent to members  at 2.30pm on Monday by Keith  if you do not apologise for non attendance by 9.30am.  
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Parramatta City CELEBRATIONS    th    Luba Charlton PP PHF. 8 years ago, 8  of March you decided to join us at  Parramatta City Rotary and you have been a very active member of the club and  contributed a great deal Thank You. We would love to see you at the club  meetings more often if your work permits.  Happy AnniversaryOn a more serious noteOn a bitterly cold winters morning a husband and wife in Dublin were listening to the radio during breakfast. They heard the announcer say, "We are going to have 8 to 10 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the even‐numbered side of the street, so the snow ploughs can get through."  So the good wife went out and moved her car.  A week or so later while they are eating breakfast again, the radio announcer said, "We are expecting 10 to 12 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the odd‐numbered side of the street, so the snow ploughs can get through."  The good wife went out and moved her car again.  A few days later they were again having breakfast, when the radio announcer says, "We are expecting 12 to 14 inches of snow today. You must park...." Then the electric power went out. The good wife was very upset, and with a worried look on her face she said, "I dont know what to do. Which side of the street do I need to park on so the snow ploughs can get through?"  Then with the love and understanding that all long‐married husbands possess, he replied, "Why dont you just leave the car in the garage this time?"           
  6. 6. Rotary Club of Parramatta City     BREAKFAST POINT ROTARY CHARITY GOLF DAY   For those that dont already know, the next Breakfast Point Rotary Charity Golf Day will be held on Friday 22 March at Massey Park Golf Club, Ian Parade, Concord. Cost per player is $80 and $320 for a team. The day commences with Breakfast at 7am, 8 am Golf (shot gun start) and after golf, lunch and presentations. You can enter your own 4 person team or we will create teams of four where one, two or three people enter . No AGU handicap required.    Come and join us on what is always an enjoyable day that raises funds for worthwhile charities, including Concord Hospital. Also, pass onto your friends and colleagues who may be interested in playing.    Please return the completed attached Entry Form or contact Paul Clark email: or mob: 0417046233 by Tuesday 13 March if you wish to enter a team, part of a team or individually to support this worthwhile and fun day.     Paul Clark  Coordinator  Charity Golf Day 2013      Perfectly Timed Photo.                                                        
  7. 7. Rotary Club of Parramatta City             Rotary Tasmania Bushfire Relief Committee   District 9830 Bulletin 2/2    Welcome to our second Bushfire Bulletin – our fund currently stands at just over $131,000 with many pledgesfrom Tasmanian clubs and other Australian Districts and clubs yet to be received. Our friends in Victoria and  Queensland who have previously been helped by many Tasmanian Rotarians have been quick to come on boardwith donations.      The Committee met for the first time on Thursday 31 January and heard reports on the situation in all fire affectedareas in Tasmania. Following discussion it was agreed that the focus of allocation for the funds would be as  follows. Funds will be allocated with the long-term benefit of communities in mind and may be:   •   Immediate to help towards the well-being of those communities; •   Longer-term to assist in overall recovery; and/or • Assistance to local enterprise provided   leads to help for the economy of the community. it  In forming these criteria we were mindful of the need to have some flexibility to ensure that we can consider the  wide range of projects likely to be suggested. We encourage Rotarians across the State to bring to our notice  worthy projects relating to bushfire areas which could be considered. Please email the details    As could be expected we have already received a number of suggestions, some in the ‘immediate’ category and  others ‘longer-term’. The Committee has considered these and to date decided to support the following projects:   • Contribution towards the purchase of fencing tools and materials - $5,000 for the Tasman Peninsula   area (Dunalley and Murdunna/Sommers Bay) and $4,000 for the Ellendale area (The Committee had   received several reports that there is a need for more fencing tools and materials in the Sorell and   Tasman local government areas and at Ellendale) – this is being arranged in conjunction with The Mayor of the Sorell Council, Kerry Vincent, and the Mayor of Central Highlands Deidre Flint both of whom are in   constant discussions with people in the affected areas around these municipalities. •   Assistance for respite for rural firefighters - $1,000 in each of the five brigade areas. This project aims to   assist some firefighters who have been closely involved with the fires over an extended period to have a short break away from fire areas.   • Pasture reseeding and fertilising – contribution of $10,000 towards a program expected to cost $40,000.   A significant problem for farmers is having sufficient feed for animals in the longer-term. Rotary in Tasmania has been at the forefront of identifying  immediate feed help with several truckloads coming   into Southern Tasmania, and more being stockpiled. This assistance will be needed for several months until pastures are resewn and produce new feed.    We are aware that some clubs may wish to distribute their funds direct – we would appreciate those clubs  advising the Committee of distributions intended in an effort to avoid duplication and thus provide assistance to as  wide a range of recipients as possible. Please also advise if you are providing or intend to provide hands-onassistance in the fire damaged areas or hosting Rotarians from other parts of Tasmania/interstate. Again please  email these details to    We have received significant financial support from Districts in Victoria and we are regularly in touch with  Rotarians in those Districts. Plans are in hand for some Rotarians and non-Rotarians to assist with fencing duringMarch – April and both containers and equipment will be arriving in Tasmania from Victoria in the near future.    As previously indicated all donations however small will be most welcome. These can be made by credit card and  going to or direct to the District Finance Manager, 42 Auburn Rd, Kingston Tas 7050.  We will continue to issue Bulletins to keep you informed of progress as more information becomes available.  Peter Murfett  Chairman  Rotary Tasmania Bushfire Relief Committee    
  8. 8. Rotary Club of Parramatta City        This past year was one of majoraccomplishments for Rotary and your RotaryFoundation.Extraordinary progress was made toward theeradication of polio. We made history whenIndia was removed from the list of polio-endemic countries — leaving just Afghanistan,Nigeria, and Pakistan. A difficult road liesahead, but thanks to the commitment andgenerosity of Rotarians and friends, we areconfident that Rotary will lead the way toward apolio-free world.We also expanded Rotary’s reach in new andeffective ways by entering into partnerships withMercy Ships and UNESCO-IHE. And we builton our record of humanitarian service bycontinuing our strong relationships with the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Aga KhanUniversity, Oikocredit and the Rotary PeaceCenters.Over half a million young people worldwideparticipated in our New Generations programs.Their involvement in Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotaract and Interact clubs, and RYLA events helped thedevelop skills that they’ll need to become service-minded community and global leaders - and futureRotarians.In 2012, The Rotary Foundation also earned top marks from several independent charity evaluators,including the American Institute of Philanthropy, Charity Navigator and the Wise Giving Alliance.As we look ahead, we can be proud of all that Rotarians have accomplished. I am pleased to share thedigital version of the 2011-12 Rotary International and Rotary Foundation Annual Report (clickhere), which offers a firsthand look at how Rotarians are working to improve the lives of people in needencourage you to review our annual report carefully, and to share it with others who may be interestedjoining, partnering with, or donating to Rotary.Thank you for helping Rotary achieve lasting change in your community and around the world.Sincerely,John HewkoGeneral SecretaryRotary International and The Rotary FoundationTwitter: @johnhewko
  9. 9. Rotary Calenndar . March April May June . Literacy Month Magazine Month Getting ready for changeover month Rotary Fellowship monthSatSun 1Mon 1 Easter Monday NO MEETING 3Tues 2 4Wed 3 1 5Thu 4 2 6Fri 1 Rotary Health Fund Golf Day 5 3 7Sat 2 6 4 8Sun 3 7 Daylight savings Ends 5 9 4 Les Miller 8 Lyndsey MacnaughtMon Critical Illness A Living Insurance RYLA Candidate 6 10 Queens Birthday NO MEETINGTues 5 9 7 11Wed 6 10 8 12Thu 7 11 9 13Fri 8 12 10 14Sat 9 13 11 15Sun 10 World Rotaract week 14 District Assembly 12 Mothers Day 16 13 ARH PhD scholars eveningMon 11 Fran Killoway The Frasil technology 15 Dr Mualla Akinci McManus Lym No Lunch Meeting 17Tues 12 16 14 18Wed 13 17 15 19Thu 14 18 16 20Fri 15 19 17 21Sat 16 20 18 22Sun 17 21 19 ARH PARRA - AMBLE 23Mon 18 Transfer Evening Meeting Holroyd Club 22 Dr Mualla Akinci McManus Lym 20 24Tues 19 23 21 25Wed 20 24 22 26Thu 21 25 Anzac Day 23 27Fri 22 26 24 28Sat 23 27 25 29Sun 24 28 26 Red shield appeal 30Mon 25 Susanne Gallant Parramatta Rotary 29 Dr Mualla Akinci McManus Lym 27Tues 26 30 28Wed 27 29 legendThu 28 30 FreeFri 29 Good Friday ConfirmedSat 30 Easter Saturday offered waiting responseSun 31 Easter Sunday No lunch meeting Special important events