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Rotary Club of Parramatta City                      COMMUNITY NETWORKER                                      ROTARY CLUB O...
Rotary Club of Parramatta City                             Guest Speaker –Keith Henning                                WHY...
Rotary Club of Parramatta CityOUR COMMUNITY SERVICERHIAN SHEPHARD – PhD STUDENT Congratulations to Rhian Shephard, one of ...
Rotary Club of Parramatta City                                     QUOTE OF THE MONTH:                                    ...
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Newsletter 24 06-2011


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Rotary Club of Parramatta City Newsletter 24 June 2011

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Newsletter 24 06-2011

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY PRESIDENT MESSAGE THE SCIENCE & ENGINEERING As we near the end of the Rotary year it was great to acknowledge CHALLENGEthe very popular Deputy Principal of Parramatta High School PaulTaylor with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Paul has worked with our Club overa number of years assisting in many of our programs and this yearbringing students along to assist us with the Red Shield Appeal.At the recent outgoing and The Science and Engineering Challenge is an outreach programincoming Boards of your Club it was founded by the University of Newcastle in conjunction with Rotary.decided to increase fees this year It commenced in 2001 and has grown to involve over 100 Rotary clubs andto $230 payable in July and 30 Universities reaching over 720January. The Lunch fees will be schools and 19,000 students nationwide.reduced to $20, overall if you The Challenge aims to address our skills shortage in science andattend 40 meetings there will be no engineering by inspiring young peopledifference to your total financial to study senior Maths, Physics and Chemistry. It provides students withoutlay. an exhilarating day where they compete with other school groups in The Changeover Night will engaging and demanding activities. The Challenge gives students ancommence at 6.30pm at Barnaby’s appreciation of the complexities of aRestaurant, with light entertainment career in the science and engineering. And it works!from some very talented singers, who will perform over the evening. The Student Feedback “It gave me an insight to the world ofactual meeting will be opened at 7.00pm. engineering.” On Club members health and concerns is John Jenkins, he is in "It was a fun practical day with my classmates. The competitive aspectConcord Hospital, and has been for 5 weeks. He expects to be was awesome!" Teacher Feedbackdischarged on Monday. It seems that when had the fall at his home, “The challenge is one of the best activities that we have involved ourwhich was been reported on previously, he injured his neck – he had students in!”broken the 2nd vertebrae in his neck. This was not discovered during his “Students get a sense of their scientific skills being valued.”admission to Westmead Hospital. He later attended Ryde Hospital To locate your nearest Challenge competition OR for more info onwhere the injury was diagnosed. He then transferred to Concord. establishing a Challenge He needs to wear a neck brace all day. The injury is supposed to heal in your local region, please contact:itself, but to date this has not occurred. Nevertheless he sounded in Bob Nelson (Director of Nationalgood spirits when Keith Henning spoke to him on Thursday. Thank you Challenge Operations) - 02 4921Keith for the update. 6137 PDG Don Whatham Finally for the members attending the changeover on Monday, we (Challenge Mentor) - 02 4981 2049 Past President Alf Smith, who is leaving the Club for the CentralCoast.
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta City Guest Speaker –Keith Henning WHY I ATTEND ROTARY CONVENTIONS. Friendship - Meeting old and new friends. Knowledge of Rotary – from other Rotarians, from speakers, at booths in House of Fellowship Inspiration – from main platform speakers, from speaking to other Rotarians, from attending workshops. Sightseeing opportunities – before, during and after convention. Entertainment - World class entertainment at functions and main platform sessions. Experiencing different cultures – so many different nationalities attend from all parts of the world. It gives me a new vision of the possibilities of Rotary involvement and action in the world, locally, nationallyand internationally. Unfortunately Glennis is unable to accompany me on these occasions. I am sure that the experiencewould even be better for those whose partners were able to attend also. SOME OTHER COMMENTS BY ATTENDEES The best part of an RI Convention is “the friendships and the inspiration to go home and do a bit more” Astrid Urbye. “the exchange of knowledge, the embracing of culture and the establishment of friendships.” Manny Balane “the Fellowship, exchange of Rotary stories/experiences and the swapping of pins.” Barb Mackenzie “Fellowship, exchange of ideas for new projects, making Rotary friends from different countries.” Arun Bhargava “the people you meet.” Tatiana Saliba 2012 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION BANGKOK, THAILAND. 6-9TH MAY 2012 Registration is now open. Early registration is only US$160. Cheaper than a District Conference!!!! Register online at Keith HenningCALENDAR OF EVENTS JULY 2 District Changeover- Penrith Paceway 4 Mark Wallace- New Editor Rotary Down Under 7-11 Prashanth’s Wedding 11 Huw Murray (RYPEN attendee) and Traveller Mark Hancock 18 Report- Wedding of the Year
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityOUR COMMUNITY SERVICERHIAN SHEPHARD – PhD STUDENT Congratulations to Rhian Shephard, one of our PhD students who has been selected as a finalist to makea presentation to the CSANZ/ISHR conference in Perth in August. The CSANZ/ISHR conference is runby the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ) and also the International Society forHeart Research (ISHR).It is basically a conference at which cardiologists and cardiology-based-researchers present theirgroundbreaking work.The conference is pretty much broken up into the CSANZ part -- which focuses more on genetics,human studies, and even imaging and techniques that cardiologist will find useful... The ISHR part(which is what Rhian is presenting in) is more experimental, molecular and "nitty-gritty-science" typestuff...Rhian is giving an oral presentation for the prize session, "ISHR/CSANZ student investigator finalistpresentations".ARH INDIGENOUS HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED.Ms Wendy Robinson, a Blacktown resident, has been awarded an ARH Indigenous Health Scholarshipfor 2011.Wendy is in her second year of study pursuing a Medical Diagnostic Radiation degree at University ofSydney. She will be invited to address the Club at a later date.Wendy’s scholarship was made possible by a donation to ARH by the David Henning MemorialFoundation. OUR INTERNATIONAL SERVICERAWCS UPDATE PROJECT – Provision of Van for ST PETER’S JUNIOR SCHOOL,NORTHERN UGANDAThe total cost of the project is $18,000.The David Henning Memorial Foundation has agreed to match $ for $ up to $9,000.The target is $9,000.Donations to date – 30h May Cumberland Home Loan Group $2,000 Rotary Club of Parramatta City 1,000 Other donations 2,207 $5,207
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta City QUOTE OF THE MONTH: THOUGHTFULNESS OF OTHERS Each month, we highlight Rotary’s history and share an inspirational quote from past Rotary leaders. Decembers quote: ―Service in the Rotarian sense is a mental process. It is an attitude of mind which relates persons and things with action. Thoughtfulness of others is in reality the basis of Rotary service.‖ — Frank L. Mulholland, 1914-15 Rotary president, in The Rotarian , September 1927INCOMING GENERAL SECRETARY TALKS ABOUT HISPRIORITIES By Ryan HylandRotary International News -- 31 May 2011 Secretary John Hewko outlined his priorities during an address to Rotarians at the fourth plenary of the 2011 RI Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Hewko said his top priorities include ―better connecting Rotarians with the Secretariat, increasing awareness as to what the Secretariat can offer, and making sure the Secretariat is an effective, efficient, and useful resource for clubs, so that clubs are able to grow and carry out the mission of Rotary.‖ Hewko, who will take office 1 July, said the future of Rotary is bright. Download his convention speech and see the video highlights. "We will rid the world of the terrible scourge of polio -- we will rid the world of this terrible disease -- and then we will be bold and aggressive and identify and conquer the next big global challenge,"he said. "We will redouble our public relations efforts to enhance our brand and image so that the worldbetter appreciates and understands the great works of Rotary and the value of connecting throughfellowship."