Newsletter 11 6-2012


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Rotary Cub of Parramatta City newsletter 11 June 2012

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Newsletter 11 6-2012

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY CAMP QUALITY PRESIDENT MESSAGE Next week we have the Pride of Workmanship Awards, with a recordnumber of nominees. As members know the founding basis of membershipto Rotary is vocation. I am reminded of just how powerful it is, when I let Camp Quality is the children’s familyreaders see an extract from one our members emails to me about his cancer charity that believes in bringing optimism and happiness to the lives ofconcern at missing some meetings. Maurice Kriss has not had a very children and families affected by cancerhealthy year as many members are unaware, so it came to me a surprise to through fun therapy and education. They believe laughter is the best the following. Camp Quality builds resilience in the lives of children and their families on “I wish to apologise for my non attendance to meetings. I would like to the cancer journey by creating an optimistic community through funexplain my reason. therapy. They run education, hospital,You may be aware that 4 Italian children who were in hiding were recently family assistance, and recreation programs to help create fun andfound and the matter went to the High Court in Brisbane for determination supportive communities in 13 locationsand has been adjourned to the full Court of the High Court in August. I act around Australia. Through theirfor the mother and grandmother of the children which has kept me education program, Camp Quality hasworking night and day. I have other mothers in similar circumstances that helped over 3 million school children and teachers learn about the challengeshas not raised such public interest. The work that has been provided to of living with cancer through upliftingdate including my instructing solicitor and my secretary has been pro-bono. performances jam-packed full of laughterI believe the work I am doing is in the spirit of Rotary even if I can not always and optimism. Local CQ staff andattend the luncheons. volunteers regularly visit children on treatment to help spread laughter and optimism in children’s oncologyI will be leaving for Fiji on 29 June for two weeks to assist in fundraising and wards. Camp Quality is investment insupervising the construction of the Natolawa School Project. I will attempt hospitals based on specific needs identified by health professionals. It is ato get a full report to provide to you when time permits.” critical part of Camp Quality’s commitment to be there for the entireWhile we don’t talk enough about our vocational service, we certainly use journey from diagnosis, through treatment and in many of the fascets when we are doing “good in the world” . Next Camp Quality’s family support program ensures that families living with cancerMonday night we get to acknowledge vocational excellance by get the support they need. Living with cancer places enormous physical,employees of our community, so I encourage all to attend and support this emotional and financial stress on thegreat night at Oatlands Golf Club. whole family. The family support program is not just recreational or financial, it’sMark Hancock has organized Roger Dive, Senior Judge, Drug Court with a also friendship. As part of Camp Quality’s commitment to supporting families therelong connection to Rotary, but I will those attending the night to found out are times they provide financial supportmore about this special guest. or domestic help. Camp Quality’s famous recreation program is designed to provide fun therapy opportunities for cancer to take a back seat so kids can ride waves, ride horses, abseil down cliffs, paddleBarry Antees down rivers and slip down giant waterslides. A day, a weekend, or a week in a fun, optimistic environment can make all the difference to a child’s outlook and ability to deal with cancer. Their recreation program is a safe environment for kids to celebrate living. In addition to their camps, Camp Quality creates fun days for children living with cancer. They are a fun, ‘day off’ from cancer! Contact: Camp Quality
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityCALENDAR OF EVENTS June 18 Pride of Workmanship Awards-Oatlands 6.30pm 25 Club Meeting July 2 Club Meeting 6 Club Changeover 22-23 Rotary Success Conference-CanberraGUEST SPEAKER-JUDGE ROGER DIVE Judge Dive was responsible for the development and implementation of the NSW Youth Drug and Alcohol Court (YDAC) and his passion and commitment to the program has been a major contributor to its success. He has worked tirelessly to promote a humane response to offenders with alcohol and drug problems. He is committed to the principles of Therapeutic Jurisprudence - using the courts to reduce the impact and negative effects of drug and alcohol use on individuals and the community.The NSW YDAC was established in 2000 and aimed to reduce offending and drug use amongst young people whoare entrenched in the criminal justice system. Judge Dive was responsible for developing and implementing a holisticand comprehensive program to address the drug use and offending behaviour of participants and the effects oftheir chaotic lives, poor educational achievement, family dysfunction and psychological problems.He moved to the NSW Adult Drug Court in 2004 where he continues to lead a team from both justice and healthagencies who together manage and enforce long term change in the lives of drug dependent offenders. JudgeDives conviction that Drug Courts are effective at reducing the impact and negative effects of drugs and drugrelated crime led him to preside over the expansion of the NSW Drug Court to the Hunter Valley.Judge Dives commitment to the principles of therapeutic jurisprudence and the use of problem solving courts ledhim to establish a Courts as Solutions; group of magistrates and judges across Australia in 2010. He is active in theinternational arena and is a board member of the International Association of Drug Treatment Courts.
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityDAVID’S PEARLSKnowledgeThere comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how itgot there.Albert EinsteinScience investigates, religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power, religion givesman wisdom which is control.Martin Luther King, Jr.Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance.ConfuciusRI President Elect to attend Australian ConferenceRotary International President Nominee Ron Burton—who by then will be the President Elect— will attend the Australian Rotary Success Conference in Canberra from 22‐23 July 2012. RIPE Ron— a member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA—retired as president of the University of Oklahoma Foundation Inc. in 2007. He is a member of the American Bar Association, as well as the bar associations of Cleveland County and the State of Oklahoma. He is admitted to practice in Oklahoma and before the US Supreme Court. "This is an exciting time to be a Rotarian," Burton says. "I believe we are well poised to capitalise on our strengths as we embrace the Strategic Plan and the Future Vision Plan. My vision is to have every Rotarian appreciate what it means to be a Rotarian. With these two tools, we can make that happen." Burton believes that Rotarys promotion of high ethicalstandards is one of the qualities that sets it apart from other organizations."It assures those dealing with us that we can be trusted," he says. "Most of us are in a business or professionthat already has a code of ethics. Vocational service in Rotary just adds to that responsibility. We have anobligation to go above and beyond to make sure that all our actions are above reproach."A Rotarian since 1979, Burton is vice chair of the Future Vision Committee and a member of the PolioEradication Advocacy Task Force for the United States. He has served RI as director; Rotary Foundation trusteeand trustee vice chair; International Assembly moderator, assistant moderator, and group discussion leader;and district governor.His other service to Rotary includes chair of the 2011 New Orleans ConventionCommittee, vice chair of the Investment Advisory Committee, liaison trustee of theVocational Service Committee, Permanent Fund national adviser, and regional RotaryFoundation coordinator. He was aide to 2006–07 RI President William B. Boyd.Burton has received the RI Service Above Self Award and The Rotary FoundationCitation for Meritorious Service, Distinguished Service Award, and International ServiceAward for a Polio‐Free World.
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityKirsty Sword Gusmao speaks for Rotary The Australian Rotary Success Conference to be held in Canberra 22‐23 July 2012 will celebrate successful programs and projects in Australian Rotary. Together we will learn of successful recruitment and retention programs, successful leadership initiatives and successful and diverse clubs—just a few of the reasons to join us for this celebration. Closing keynote speaker Kirsty Sword Gusmao will speak on Rotary’s work in Timor Leste, her adopted country. As Timor Leste’s former first lady, Kirsty is a renowned humanitarian and passionate teacher. She has travelled the world, working on documentaries and been a human rights activist for over a decade.Speaking of Rotary’s support to her country, Kirsty says “We are well aware of the pivotal role Rotary hasplayed in co‐ordinating assistance from Rotary and many non‐Rotary sources, making use of your wideestablished networks both in Australia and Timor Leste.” Probably best known for her work as founder andchairwoman of the Alola Foundation which she established in 2001, Kirsty addresses the needs of Timor Lestewomen and their families. Kirsty was appointed by the President Dr. Jose Ramos Horta as GoodwillAmbassador for Education in 2007. This appointment was in recognition of Kirsty’s tireless efforts to formalizefuture endeavours in improving the nation’s education system.Through her educational initiatives, the Aloha Foundation provides scholarships for youths in need,encouraging their personal development. She has contributed to the improvement of child mortality ratesthrough promotion of health programs throughout local communities. The Foundation’s efforts have alsobeen fostering the handcrafts industry to provide added economic empowerment to the Timoresepeople.So join us as we celebrate Rotary successes. To ensure the Conference is affordable,the organisers have managed to keep the Conference cost to $100, including morning and afternoon teas,Saturday lunch and the Saturday night Conference Dinner. The only additional cost will be to participate in theFriday night Friendship Dinner. Registration is available on the RDU website and you are encouraged toregister as early as possible. Numbers will be limited to around 600, the capacity of the Conference venue.FACEBOOK We have now available for the club a new facebook page the shortcut is Please visit, make comments, open discussions and for your initial visit please hit the “like button”. The reason is themore members who like the page, we receive additional features. The Facebook page is not a substitute for ourwebsite, but more of an additional way to reach our audience.