Engaging Online Property Owners-Part I


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Learn the basics of finding your property owners, discover what they are saying about you and your resort. Take the first steps toward joining or building an online community.

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  • Add 35-49, it’s 100M---new study says social networking eclipsed email
    Add 35-49,it’s 100M----------New study says participation in social networking now exceeds the use of email
  • Engaging Online Property Owners-Part I

    1. 1. Engaging Your Online Owners Why How Getting Started
    2. 2. Why communicate with owners online?       More of your older owners move online daily All of your younger owners are already there They are talking about you online now, you should be in that conversation Owner awareness of events and availability create rental and use fee income Owners that use their vacations pay their fees Blogs and interactive websites are Newsletters on steroids
    3. 3. The internet is graying
    4. 4. 54,000,000 active users, age 55+
    5. 5. Information and leisure
    6. 6. Ask questions-Organize-Share  The social web  Search  News  Blogs  Networking  Sharing  Video  Audio  Photos *Easy to use *Free *Fast *Portable *Best Filter
    7. 7. They are talking about you now
    8. 8. What do they say?
    9. 9. What are they saying?
    10. 10. What are they saying?
    11. 11. Answer: Whatever they want… …so if they are having these conversations about us… …do we need to be involved? …how do we get started?
    12. 12. What are my options? Ignore it  Handle it in your office/on phone  Address it in HOA / POA meetings  Go where they are*  Give them a place to go* 
    13. 13. Common roadblocks I don’t have time  Tight budget  I’m not a writer, what do I say?  My brand does not allow it  I’m not a techie  It’s not my job 
    14. 14. At the crossroads…  Go where they are…  Build a community for them…
    15. 15. Join their community(ies)     Listen first; find the influencers Be yourself Be honest Be helpful Make comments Start conversations Ask for feedback Use the good stuff Give credit The goal is fitting in, then becoming an influence
    16. 16. It’s about being yourself Use your name  Fit your space  Use their language 
    17. 17. Speak their language Company Overview Since its founding, Company Y has remained faithful in its commitment to producing unparalleled entertainment experiences based on its rich legacy of quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. Today, Company Y is divided into four major business segments… Each segment consists of integrated, wellconnected businesses that operate in concert to maximize exposure and growth worldwide. Credit: David Meerman Scott, on “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”
    18. 18. Speak their language Disney is a great company. We like the movies they make, the kids love the cartoons and shows on their cable channels, and everyone should take a vacation at Disney World. Check out the pictures from our last trip http://tinyurlexample
    19. 19. Start a community Do your homework*  Pick a platform that fits; blog, forum, video  Content; video, articles, news, links*  Think like the host of a party  Decide how to promote it*  Commit to stay with it 
    20. 20. About learning this stuff… Got it: "Social Media Expert" is like when The Daily Show calls one of their peeps the "Senior X Correspondent"... it's satire. I get it. Mitch Joel President; Twist Image
    21. 21. Teach yourself social media Get off the sidelines.
    22. 22. Get a gmail account
    23. 23. Sign up for the tools
    24. 24. You need a filter   Start reading blogs Pay attention to: style features comments media RSS links Start by Listening
    25. 25. Build a free blog
    26. 26. Drag and drop design
    27. 27. Publish your blog
    28. 28. Blogware
    29. 29. Empower the members  Social Toolbox  Email to a friend  Spread your media around  Social apps  RSS  Enable comments
    30. 30. Make it mobile
    31. 31. Make it mobile
    32. 32. Enable a conversation They know what to do
    33. 33. Water it and feed it Links from your website  Put it in your newsletter  Include it in owner mailings  Add it to your email template/signature  Announce it at owner activities  Make it useful-Reasons to share it 
    34. 34. Things to remember Own your blog URL  Write like you talk  Publish regularly  Be patient, time builds communities  Use your web savvy employees  It’s not about you  Lose control 
    35. 35. Thank you Let’s Connect…  barry@askmando.com  askmando.com SCG barrybrown  Twitter @barry_brown  Facebook Barry Brown  Friendfeed Barry Brown Get this presentation: (slideshare url)