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LexisNexis Database for Company Lists


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Learn how to search and filter in LexisNexis to create a targeted list of companies, and then export the results to Excel.

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LexisNexis Database for Company Lists

  1. 1. LexisNexis DatabaseCreating and exportingcompany lists
  2. 2. About the DatabaseNews, business, and legal informationincluding coverage of over 44 million U.S. andinternational companies, case law, statutes,and regulations, access to over 1,000 national,regional, and international news publications.
  3. 3. AccessVisit and click on the link to databases. Scroll downto “LexisNexis”. You can log in with your Barrington library card if youare accessing the database from outside the library.
  4. 4. Company ListsClick on “Companies on the left, then click on the link to“Dossier Create a Company List”
  5. 5. Customize SearchIn the search filter screen, you can enter any an all theparameters for the list of companies you would like to create.These include size, sales, geography, and industry (links toSIC and NAICS codes are provided), and more. We alsorecommend using this website to look up current NAICScodes:
  6. 6. Click “Create” torun your searchafter enteringyour parameters
  7. 7. Customize List
  8. 8. Customize List
  9. 9. Download List
  10. 10. Download ListYour search results will open in an Excel spreadsheet:
  11. 11. Questions?You can visit the Adult Services Reference Desk,call us at (847) 382-1300 x 3500, text us at 66746(type code askbal the first time you send us atext), or send us an email.Thanks for using the Barrington Area Library! Formore information on our business resources, checkout our business page at