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Books 24x7


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Instructions for using the Books 24x7 database available to Barrington Area Library cardholders or library visitors. Read e-books online on a wide range of business and computer and technology topics.

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Books 24x7

  1. 1. Books 24x7 Database E-books on business and computer topics
  2. 2. About the Database Books 24x7 is a collection of nearly 12,000 e-books on a range of computer and business topics, available in the library or from the convenience of your home or office. No extra software or downloading is required: all books are read right in your internet browser window. Featured collections include business management, operations, outsourcing, and R&D. A wide range of books on desktop and office applications is also available.
  3. 3. Access Visit and click on the link to databases. Scroll down to “Books 24x7”. You can log in with your Barrington library card if you are accessing the database from outside the library.
  4. 4. Select a topic After logging in, you can see a list of recent top titles as well as click on links to topics that are of interest to you:
  5. 5. Business Under “Browse Topics,” change the “View by” dropdown menu to “IT and Technical Topics.” Expand the business section by clicking on the yellow arrow: you will see the featured categories of Business Analyst, culture, government, green IT, investing, IT governance, IT project management, IT services, IT strategy, legal, management, operations, outsourcing, and R&D. Click any of these titles to view the available e-books on that topic.
  6. 6. Searching You can search for books by general keyword, title, author, ISBN, or publisher.
  7. 7. Exporting Title Lists Although you cannot export the text of e-books, you can export a list of titles for future reference. For example, here is a list of all the management titles in Books 24x7 exported to MS Excel:
  8. 8. You can visit the Adult Services Reference Desk, call us at (847) 382-1300 x 3500, text us at 66746 (type code askbal the first time you send us a text), or send us an email. Thanks for using the Barrington Area Library! For more information on our business resources, check out our business page at Questions?