The Bim Process Explained


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The BIM process explained in a visual diagram. By Barrington Architecture & Design Ltd.

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The Bim Process Explained

  1. 1. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Process Building Information Modeling allows architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, CGI experts, developers & contractors to work in collaboration. By working from the same 3D building information models, projects can be designed, constructed & managed with far more efficiency and accuracy. From B IM con Manufacturer's products purchased tent to actual Your BIM content makes your products purcha se apart of the BIM process. Thus resulting Building Product Manufacturer By making parametric BIM models in your products being purchased over of your products available to Architects your competitors. Owner/Developer & Designers, you unlock more value Can keep a closer eye on the project, Manufacturers BIM Content in your product information and allow allowing them to manage costs and Distributed via the Architects & designers to more easily the project outcome. online BIM use and make decisions on your products. network channels Thus increasing your return on investment. Architect Contractor Use BIM software to produce Contractors can manage documentation from design to costs & time more easily working documentation. & see how changes will All documentation is produced effect the project in more accurately and efficiently. advance. Final project being constructed Engineers CGI, Rendering & Marketing Building Information Model Can produce their documentation CGI firms can use the BIM model to produce directly from the Architect's BIM all of their renders, animations & marketing model. Allowing them to work material from the project's 3D BIM model. Thus more accurately and quickly see how saving them time & allowing them to keep up decisions effect the overall project. with changes. Barrington Architecture & Design Ltd. Our Services: Barrington Architecture & Design -BIM object creation for Manufacturers & Suppliers -Interactive & Viral Web development Is a specialist at all aspects of the BIM process. Works Globally. Contact us today: From BIM object creation to Working documentation -BIM content distribution -BIM project model creation to CGI animations & virtual reality. -In house BIM object creation for Architects & Designers -Design & Working documentation for Projects -Rendering, Animation & CGI -Database driven web applications Contact us today: -Virtual Reality Models -BIM & Project consulting & mentoring ©Copyright 2009 Barrington Architecture & Design Ltd.