Evaluation Questions


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Evaluation Questions

  1. 1. Evaluation Questions<br />By James Barr<br />
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <br />When creating my media project I had to look at the conventions of other media texts, I looked at music videos, music albums and music magazines. I am going to be looking at 9 scenes from my final video. I have challenge the conventions of a music video by not including footage of the band as I wanted the video to be all about the story, and have the audience concentrating on that.<br />This a over the shoulder shot, this is a generic shot in all media texts not just music videos. I included this shot you could see the girl shouting at the boy from his view. I then included the same shot from his point of view a couple of seconds later.<br />After the over shoulder shot of the girl I had this shot, this shot is a mid shot of the couple, I included this shot to show the reactions of the two of them. Because it is at head height and one isn’t higher than the other this suggests that they are both even and one is not more powerful than the other. <br />
  3. 3. I used this long shot of the girl walking along wall to show her isolation, the only company she has with her is her shadow. This shows she is lonely and lost with out her boyfriend. This fits in with the slow melodic guitar at this point of the song.<br />This shows the girl walking off, the shot is a few seconds after the other one, this shot shows her isolation as well. This shot fits in with the lyrics at that time as the line is ‘Pulling up the stops, to fill up your empty life. This is shows she is empty without the boy. The is a convention of music videos, as often what is happening on the video will be related to the song lyrics.<br />This shot shows the boy walking along the same street, looking for his girlfriend. With this shot you can see the path behind him, with the way it is shot it looks like a long lonely path his has walked along.<br />
  4. 4. In between the shots of the boy and girl looking lonely, I have included black and white shots of them in a house. This are flash backs before they had there argument. This is a contrast to what is happening with the loneliness they are feeling. This a close up shot, to show how happy the girl was.<br />This is a mid-shot of the boy and girl laughing together and having a good time. The flashbacks are in a different colour as I found in most media texts they have some effect on them to distinguish between the past and present.<br />This shot shows the girl on her own at the end in the dark. There is a long shot to show her crouching down and putting her head in her hands. This shows she is lost with out her boyfriend and fits in with the song.<br />