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Thompson bt doc m2-a2

  1. 1. Baroness ThompsonChild and Adolescent Psychology | PSY260 XH Instructor: Dr. Lisa Pennington M2 A2 July 9, 2011
  2. 2. Genetics and Environmental factors Of child development The influential role of genetics in a child is a major part of their development. Ibelieve a Childs development can be driven by environmental factors. A Childspersonality is determined by the interaction of temperament traits with the environment.Genetic factors can influence the development of the Childs memory, learning andvarious cognitive abilities. Children are active explores and seek to understand and trynew things as they develop. A parent may help or taint the child, as they go through various phases ofdevelopment. For instance, my children have a very calm temperament. The inheritedthat characteristics or genetic trait from me. The middle child has genetic traits of hisfather. The children have gained positive and negative behaviors from our environment.For instance, all of my young children heard gun shots and saw a man lay dead on theground. They are complacent with violence in the community. On the other hand, they understand people can make good and bad choices thatmay taint the rest of choices in life. This is a parenting skill I gained through education. Ihad a malign childhood. I was robbed, raped and kidnapped before the age twenty. Isuffer from (PTSD) and have a hard time remembering. I chose to move from OaklandCalifornia to give my children the childhood I didn’t have. When we look at statistics
  3. 3. Working as a behavioral assistant for 7 years was very difficult. I worked withchildren and adults with developmentally and mental disabilities. A child is moresucceceptable to alcoholic fetal syndrome in various types of environments. I saw adult44 years old unable to walk, talk and or function with out one-on one help, because aparent used a substance while the were in the womb. Some children are born with pica or prader wile syndrome with out no warning.A combination of the child and Parent’s temperament can help or taint a Childs outlookon their life. When you put the child down, the child may have low self-esteem. Whenyou raise the child in a tainted community but encourage the child and love the childthere outlook on life will be flawed, but they will have confidence in her. Genetics plays a major role regarding disorders, development in the early stagesof life. Education can help shape the Childs outlook toward life. I learn more towardskinner in regards to a child development. One of the distinctive aspects of Skinnerstheory is that it attempted to provide behavioral explanations for a broad range ofcognitive phenomena. For example, Skinner explained drive (motivation) in terms ofdeprivation and reinforcement schedules. Skinner (1957) I agree with some of Watsons outlooks regarding respect of the child. Theemotional detachment aspect is controversial, is important for the child to be a positiveproductive adult.
  4. 4. Reference pageMarkle, S. (1969). Good Frames and Bad (2nd ed.). New York: Wiley.of Teaching. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts.Skinner, B.F. (1971). Beyond Freedom and Dignity. New York: Knopf.