Oaklanders undiagnosed post tramatic stress


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Oaklanders undiagnosed post tramatic stress

  1. 1. Baroness ThompsonM3 A2 PSY: 492May 27, 2011 Baroness Thompson Module 3: A2 PSY: 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty Instructor: Lizzie Stevenson
  2. 2. Baroness ThompsonM3 A2 PSY: 492May 27, 2011 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty (Prevailing Argument) California embodies a historically diverse outlook on social and politicalviews. Our state has the top colleges and business, which people travel across the worldto become associated. Nevertheless, individuals that have succumb to poverty believetheir problems, are the antecedent of the history. Various theorists have suggested there isan association with environmental factors and human development and or values andbeliefs. There are many aspects to post traumatic stress and poverty. The underlying factthat little to know documentation of local minorities has access to qualified psychiatricevaluations raises great concern. Posttraumatic stress is a very prevalent disorder thatmany people succumb. An adequate psychological evaluation is necessary to prevent,further depression and other disorders associated with, (PTSD). The place in which theyraise and or attempt to show the child and our children a different avenue in regards tothere choices in life. Recognition of posttraumatic stress is a prevailing argument I would like toaddress further. My home has little to know resources to gain a tangible grip around myprevailing argument, regarding posttraumatic stress and poverty. A child in a communitythat has a high crime rate will eventually succumb to various behavior problems. Poorwork ethic, low-test scores a lack of proper nutrients and guidance, would be associatedwith undiagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder.
  3. 3. Baroness ThompsonM3 A2 PSY: 492May 27, 2011In closing, Oakland California is our nations 6th dangerous place to live. Rape, robberyand various crimes associated with unstable community our prevalent. Various affluentcities surround the city, but the have little to no crime. The crime is associated with urbantent aments, poverty, and other factors that are associated with rigid unstablecommunities. It is necessary for a village to raise a child. On the other hand, when thevillage is tainted, the village taints the child. The underlying fact regardingdocumentation of research, to prevent depression is a necessary step; I would takeregarding my research topic. The prevailing argument surrounding these factors has littleto know research. Poverty stricken Schools and community should receive access toqualified psychiatric evaluations to help the on sight of generational tainted beliefs aboutones life worth. (Pros and Cons)Given the results of your literature review, what is/are the prevailing argument(s)? Whatresearch question could you ask in order to further develop this area of study? Make anargument as to why your research question is important and relevant to the current workon your topic.