Copy of selection methods m5 final project


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Copy of selection methods m5 final project

  1. 1. Selection Methods 1Baroness Thompson Selection Methods Module 5: Week 5 – M5: Assignment 3 Baroness Thompson PSY320 Industrial Organizational Psychology Marian Orr March 29, 2008
  2. 2. Selection Methods 2Baroness Thompson Selection methods As a member for the selection committee, I would want to help employeesunderstand each Selection method. I would like to interview candidates for the SeniorStaffing Manager position at Florida Sun Company initially. I agree with the selectionmethods used for the position. Senior Staffing Manager selection methods areappropriate. Define Each Method All selection methods shouldn’t be used. Candidates have to be aware of themethod before being asked to take cognitive and other methods. There should be no moreselection methods added. Candidates that are qualified may become discouraged. If acandidate past one test and barley passes another. Cognitive Test As a member of the selection committee I would look at all test being used? It isimportant to our companies to find qualified candidates for each position. Moderncognitive tests originated through the work of Sir FrancisGalton who coined the term"mental tests". Consistent with views of the late nineteenth century, most of hismeasurements were physical and physiological, rather than "mental. I don’t believeCogniive test are approptiate to administer to a an canidate. I belives a cognitve testshould be administered only in a school or clinical setting.
  3. 3. Selection Methods 3Baroness Thompson Assesmnet Selection Method In closing, I believe four canidates is a very good number. The least candates thebetter to read assestment results. Our company can also give graphic feed back. This agood way to find, out who is right for the job. A good assessment has both validity andreliability, plus the other quality attributes noted above for a specific context and purpose.In practice, an assessment is rarely totally valid or totally reliable. A ruler which ismarked wrong will always give the same (wrong) measurements. It is very reliable, butnot very valid. Asking random individuals to tell the time without looking at a clock orwatch is sometimes used as an example of an assessment which is valid, but not reliable.The answers will vary between individuals, but the average answer is probably close tothe actual time. In many fields, such as medical research, educational testing, andpsychology, there will often be a trade-off between reliability and validity. A assesrementtest written for high validity will have many essay and fill-in-the-blank questions. It willbe a good measure of mastery of the subject, but difficult to score completely accurately.A assestment test written for high reliability will be entirely multiple choice. It isnt asgood at measuring knowledge of history, but can easily be scored with great precision.Our company can generalise from this. The more reliable is our estimate of what wepurport to measure, the less certain we are that we are actually measuring that aspect ofattainment. It is also important to note that there are at least thirteen sources of invalidity.
  4. 4. Selection Methods 4Baroness ThompsonReference PageLevy, Paul E. (2006) Industrial/ Organizational Psychology: Understanding theWorkplace. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin CompanyArgosy Lecture Notes. (2007). Retrieved March 29, 2008, from
  5. 5. Selection Methods 5Baroness ThompsonModule 5: Week 5 - M5: Assignment 3Assignment 3: Final ProjectYou are a member of the selection committee to interview candidates for the SeniorStaffing Manager position at Florida Sun Company. The committee narrows down toeight candidates who will participate in a variety of selection methods, including groupand individual interviews, a cognitive ability test, a personality test, and an integrity test.The four best candidates will then participate in assessment center exercises.List at least two advantages and two disadvantages for each of these selection methods.Why does the committee want to reduce the number of candidates to four beforeconducting assessment center exercises? What information would these assignmentsprovide that other selection methods do not?Do you think the selection methods used for the position of Senior Staffing Manager areappropriate? Should all the above methods be used? Should more selection methods beadded?Submit your response to the Faculty by Monday, March 31, 2008. Your response shouldbe at leastTwo pages long. You can use the Course Project template for submitting the answer.Assignment 3 Grading Criteria and Respective Point Value MaximumPointsIdentified at least two advantages and two disadvantages of each selection method. 15Explained why the committee wants to reduce the number of candidates to four beforeconducting assessment center exercises. 25Described the information these assignments may provide that other selection methodsmay not. 20Stated whether they think the selection methods used for the position of Senior StaffingManager are appropriate. 20Explained whether all the given methods should be used and whether more selectionmethods should be added. 25Total: 105
  6. 6. Selection Methods 6Baroness Thompson