Basic elements of behavior


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Basic elements of behavior

  1. 1. Baroness ThompsonIntroduction PsychologyBaroness Thompson Page 1 9/19/2012 Baroness Thompson Basic Elements of Behavior Introduction to Psychology PSY: 101 Dr. Lestine Shedrick
  2. 2. Baroness ThompsonIntroduction PsychologyBaroness Thompson Page 2 9/19/2012 Basic Elements of Behavior The Basic Elements of Behavior can vary from one human to another.Our nervous system is developed throughout your life in regards to our genetic and socialdevelopment. Different experiences help with development. I believe our social andcultural behavior is similar, to those whom we model throughout our life. I have seenyoung children be very violent to there peers. Nevertheless, these children were living inabusive environments. They believed they should feel and be treated a certain way,because of their social and cognitive environment at home. In my Essay I will talk aboutmy experiences related to the books subject on, Basic Elements of Behavior. We train our bodies to believe and feel certain ways. "The most basic parts ofthe nervous system or how nerve impulses are transmitted throughout the brain andbody," (Pg.61 R. Feldman). Genetic traits and other biological factors contribute toElements of or behavior. Depression can derive from issues in the home and or theenvironment. Nevertheless our depression can lead to suicidal and self inflictingthoughts. Dopamine (DA) which is one of the major neurotransmitter, that can contributeto mental disorders are prevalent among my peers. An psychological research canevaluate what chemical; an individual is not receiving to cause mental disorders. Forindividuals with little to medical care an diagnosis would be impossible. An MRI would
  3. 3. Baroness ThompsonIntroduction PsychologyBaroness Thompson Page 3 9/19/2012have to scan the brain to find out why an individual id displaying unwanted behavior ordisorders. Organization of our nervous system is vital to ones productive development. As a young mother I have experienced many different types of pain during childbirth. A first time mother would experience a sequence of different events similar tomine. Our nervous system is the pathway for our body to perform and dominant differentevents and or experiences through out life. Instructions differ of each human and their brain capability. The human body issimilar to a car. The more you invest will result in the best performance. I believegenetics and other issues revolve around disorders that affect Americans daily. In myessay I will talk about my experiences and also my families. Many people can relate tohow hard it is dealing with physical and mental ailments of family members. Which canbe and has been a calamity for me. Working with disabled children allows me to see how different peoples memoriesare. The Glutamate which allows memory, that is located in our brain and spinal card, isvery different in children and adults with disabilities. I had a many different experiencesdealing disabled adult self mutilating sensitive parts of there body because they like thepain. And I did realize the simple things I take for granted. I have had two major car accidents. Each car accident I was completely knock orI had a slight coma. I was unable to remember the accident, Thus I remembered what Iwas doing before the accident. My Endorphins allowed me to deal with unimaginablepain at an early age. The structure operation and functions of the neuron are fundamental biologicalaspects of the body that underlie several primary psychological processes. (Pg.65
  4. 4. Baroness ThompsonIntroduction PsychologyBaroness Thompson Page 4 9/19/2012Rifleman). In this process we are able to sense; perceive learn how to deal with differentaspects of our life. We can relate Depression and other related disorders to the chemicalGamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) which is located in or brain and spinal cord. Eatingand aggression can be controlled and relates to (GABA) which can be found in our brainand our spinal cord. Children that have different type of learning disabilities may nothave there is not enough of this particular chemical. Students that I work with in Solanocounty have different type of disabilities. They are unable to communicate effective.Being aggressive and violent towards peers is what I see on a daily basis. My clients areable to control there behavior, with medicine and positive models. Cognitive perspective is an important aspect in every form or step ofdevelopment...